Water Bottle Lift Reflction

Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 3.38.40 PM

I think that our collaboration with my parter was sucsessful. We were able to work together very well and was able to agree to each other. I am very proud of what we built and I think that it wouldn’t have gotten any better.

One thought on “Water Bottle Lift Reflction

  1. Dean L says:

    Brian, I like the way you have laid out your reflection. A tidy way to present imagery that supports your text information. I believe that your post would have been better if it had included more of your processes and that they would be placed in the same order as you worked ie. Researching and Planning, Building, Problem Solving, Refining and final video. It is a good idea to chunk things so that readers can get bit sized pieces of information. I look forward to seeing your next projects posts. I am sure they will be even better.

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