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So far the collaboration between our group was successful. By combining our ideas and skills we were able to developed a prototype of working soccer car that is remote controlled. This has enabled us to create a successful program, making us able to remote control the robot. Though that portion of the time we worked together, I belived one member of our group- Eric did not belive we did any work. He have only worked for few days to do the program and said he did 50% of the work. However eventually his program failed, and caused us to loose some matches durring the competition. I belive that inorder to have a more sucsessful outcome next time, we should work together more and comunicate more.

I’m proud that we got this far because at first we had no clue how to build and there were no useful websites. The main turning point of our project was when we got to spend about 3 hours just building and programming in a workshop where everyone else were working on the same thing. The way we decided to make our robot is one EV3 controlling the soccer bot while the other EV3 was the soccer bot. The two EV3 were connected by bluetooth wireless connection.


In the begging, we were late. We were still at the planning stage when everyone else was at the construction phase. We foiled four plans in total because we couldn’t choose.

When we finally started to build, we have begun to do the easiest part, the wheels! After many lessons, we made a pair of extremely fast.

This was our main turning point. We went to a small workshop for mindstorm that we all had similar interests. There I learned to program, and we had a bunch of time to build. We got inspiration from other bots. Apparently there was a small a ball that can be used for steering.

Becuse Eric did not want to work more on the program, we decided to but a ball in the back to provide more sucsess in turning our robot more swiftly.

One of the most important aspects of this compatition I belive is the remote controls. Here is what I did with mine.

On the left it was the speed control, if we pushed it forwards it increaced speed, if we draged it behind it slowed the speed. In the begining we proposed the idea of putting a steering wheel as the turner, however we decided it was going to be too hard to control so we stuck with the arrows and the speed controler.

Here was our robot.

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 8.57.26 am

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