Na no wri mo blog post

Overall, how did NaNoWriMo go? What went well? What did not go well?

I believed that na no wri mo was a great experience for me, throughout the process, I have learned how to write longer and more sophisticated stories that have a better storyline and plot. In addition I was also able to focus on the other aspects in writing such as character development because the story. Even though that part did not go that smoothly, I belived on the last two weeks have went really smoothly without any lags or slowing down of my writing progress.


What did you learn about yourself? (Did you grow in writing or discipline or any other areas)?

During the writing, It seemed to me as if I was a robot, writing reputedly non stop with no true plot or where I was going to write about. I found out that I was a writer who dosent have a cleer thought of what I should write about. I have also learned how much the writing effected me durring my scedual! When doing different activities, I could not get my mind streight because I keep on thinking what to write about durring these times. However I found out that the best ideas of my writing come from when I am doing running, or doing sports, which I found really usful when I am writing. Despite the few opportunities I got to work on my novel at school, my day after school was either occupied or late in the night. I found myself working every day on this projet, however i do not have much quality when I do my work, I often have my mind blank, or could not think about any more ideas.


What is the end result? Are you cleaning up a short part to get published?

To be honest, I feel that my project was fairly incomplete, I did not really reach the climax, and did not have the entire story to get it published. Though I liked my story and ideas I believe that I should keep on working on it even after school.



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