IBP blog post 1 december- once short story.



Germany 1964


She have been born to a new life. Awakened, surrounded by darkness and the smell of old, stale blood. Sirins wail. Airplanes humm. Bombs fall after bomb.

A lurching shudder shook the box enclosing her. She fell down at the sudden movement and shuffled backward on his hands and feet, her heart pounding in her chest, the heat pressing against her skin. The air was humid and damp, beeds of sweat hung from her head, drenching her shirt.

All around her, the harsh sounds of explosions, gunfire rang throught her ears, echoing through the box. She sank to her legs, and covered her ear drums, but the sounds of the exposions still chimed in her head.

Under her feet she could feel the rumbles of the exploding landminens, screaming men.

The room continued its endless swaying; the gunfire, the bombs which shook the box in a rattle. A long time have passed. Seconds streched into minues. Minues streched into hours. She should have got out along time ago, run for safty, but instead she sit put, in the corner of the box with her arms around her legs, and closed her eyes.


Something wasn’t right. Her dreams appeared in her head as soon as she hit the side of the box. Black wisps of smoke snaked out of the ground and whispered in her ears.

“The Nazi’s are coming.”


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