January (M)INP 1: written response “nomination letter essay”

Nelson Mandela’s nomination for the nobel peace prize essay.


Mr. Mandela is a profoundly dedicated man to the fight for freedom in South Africa. His aim for promoting democracy around the world have gave us invulnerable lessons for our future freedom. Knowing him for quite a time, I have witnessed his varies acts of resilience, collaboration and compaction he exhibited through his aim to enhance the worlds notice toward freedom. Therefore, my credentials are adequate and meets the criteria for the configuration of a nomination letter. Mr. Mandela, in various ambitions and accomplishments have came to exceed the challenging requirements for this award, witch was displayed through his work. Although he have encountered various difficulties through his life, he were always was able to cope with it in curtail moments to resolve the central conflicts. Thus, I am willing to write to endorse Nelson Mandela to be endowed the Nobel peace prize.


Mr. Mandela’s commitment to human rights is one of his most valued characteristics which expands beyond his fight for South Africa. His movements towards human rights is one of the most recognizable, even till today, a man whose dedication to the freedom of people inspires civilians throughout the globe. In 1944,  he assisted the (African National congress) to work actively to obliterate the apartheid institutions of the ruling National Party. However, though the path on his actions, he still declared “I have fought against white domination, and I have fought for black domination.” Proving that his fight was not for the hatred for white people but truly for the freedom of the nation.


Mr. Mandela’s movements towards racial oppression is no doubt a symbol of compassion that we should all shadow. His work to obliterate the apartheid in South Africa have drew strength to empathy amongst ourselves. Mandela’s imprisonment was taken with dignity, understanding that his sacrifice could leave to the savings of numerous souls, showing true compassion through his sacrifices. After his sentence as a former political prisoner, Nelson have also appeared displaying appalling circumstances, demonstrating no bitterness, resentment or vengeance through his sentence, portraying true resilience after 27 years of imprisonment. Finally, his work with me to install freedom, and to provide racial fairness in South Africa have been a symbol of collaboration that is recognized throughout the globe. The awarding of the Nobel prize have also reflected collaboration with his receipt of this high honor.


Nelson Mandela have not only portrayed compaction through his work to install freedom in South Africa by risking his life, but also exhibited a great amount of resilience after his imprisonment. Furthermore, he have collaborated with F. W. Klerk to install freedom in South Africa, demonstrating his aptitude of compassion, collaboration and boundless amounts of resilience, within his gasp. Within the (African National congress), he have actively worked to fight against white denomination, but reasonably did so for only the freedom of his contrary. In addition, he have also worked to promote democracy around the world along obliterate the apartheid institutions of the ruling National Party in South Long_Walk_to_FreedomAfrica, reminding the world again that we were meant to fight for what is right.



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