End of the Year Blog Post: song playlist



David Guetta

This song Titanium mainly symbolizes resilience, showing that you will be confident and independent though 8th grade. It is a song that resembles how great you are as a person and individual despite the hardships we might have faced in our journey. The phrase “Shoot me down and I won’t fall). accurately describes that you have to be resilient through the challenges, and not to give up no mater what. 


Pharrell Williams

In a stressful school like ours, its important to recall all the happy memories, and remember that not everything has to be complaints. I believe that this song done a good job of how it symbolizes the happy moments we have through the recent years. It have also sent the important message that there is always something positive even when everything might seem to be going wrong. 

7 years

Lukas Graham

This song is a song that helps us reflect on our past, to see all the good and bad memories that we faced. The song not only has such a powerful message to treasure the memories of this time amazing things in the middle school, but also shows that there are exciting new adventures in our coming years.

Stressed out.

twenty one pilots

Many may believe that stress is a huge factor of middle school especially in 8th grade. I am sure that stress is one of the main problems we have faced in these years, but it is something that we can’t deny in school. For me, I take stress as a good thing, without it we will never be prepared of what is coming for the upcoming years, and especially, for the rest of our lives.

Young, Wild and Free

Snoop Dogg & Wiz Khalifa

There is not a thing in the world that I would give in for all the good times I have had with friends that this song symbolizes. This song makes you realize just how meaningful those times are and that you shouldn’t let them go to waste. The problem is that as people get older and start to gain responsibilities, they forget how much they used to enjoy these moments. 

Hall of fame

The Script

This song to me, represents some of the few people leaving our community, and how we are never going to forget them. I hope that even though we would be separated from different places, we could continue to be close, and cherish our friendships from middle school. The deepest meaning of this song is that no mater how far we are our memories, and friendships will last on in our hearts.

Count on me

Bruno Mars Lyrics 

A good school year would of never lasted without the laughs and times with friends. In good times and bad, they can be there for you and help you. I believe that friends has the most powerful impact on others, and can be relied on. Most of the problems comes from friendship, as well as the best, funnies moments of your life.

The lazy song

Bruno Mars

Laziness is one thing I cannot deny in 8th grade. I would say that most of the assignments I did were finished near the deadline. Many times I would think that I have the whole day to finish a piece of work, but it ends up that I only have a few minutes after everything I have after school. 

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