March INP Post #1: Character Analysis – Boxer

In George Orwell’s Animal Farm, a story about a farm taken over by poor overworked animals, a honourable character, Boxer (house) is known for his loyalty and diligent work. His help on the farm often incude a multitude of physically demanding work, including lifting heavy objects and working over time. In addition he have established a multitude of different motifs that encourages himself to work harder like “Napoleon is always right” and “I will work harder”. Through his strength, Boxer was capable to contribute greatly to the farm including the building of the windmill and carrying heavy loads for the farm. He also forces himself to work additional work after the normal working hours in order to get more work finished and contributing all his effort in helping to build the windmill.

Though boxer possess great power and strength in the farm “”an enormous beast, nearly eighteen hands high, and as strong as any two ordinary horses put together […] he was not of first-rate intelligence, but he was universally respected for his steadiness of character and tremendous powers of work” (1.3) his qualities as a hard worker were not truly beneficial in the state of creating a new nation. Furthermore, he he was a hard worker unaware of his surroundings, illustrated by his moto “I will work harder” not changing thought the book proving that he is a flat character. It is also shone that his intelligence is low compared to the other animals, proven in his inability to learn more than 4 letters in the alphabet.

Throughout the book, there were multiple examples of how Boxer was extremely devoted to other animals, being very aware of other animals’ well being, and his workload not thinking about the potential consequences. It is also demonstrated that he has a lack of intelligence, not able to find solutions to solve the unfair treatment and instead falls back on simple mottos like “I will work harder”. One example of this was when Napoleon begins executing other animals, Boxer can only say, “I would not have believed that such things could happen on our farm. It must be due to some fault in ourselves. The solution, as I see it, is to work harder” (7.28). During the end of the revolution, It was shone that because of Boxers Unawareness, he worked himself to death, becoming so week from starvation that he is useless. Soon the pigs send him to the slaughter, and it is the end of boxer. The time had been when a few kicks from Boxer’s hoofs would have smashed the van to matchwood. But alas! His strength had left him; and in a few moments the sound of drumming hoofs grew fainter and died away. (9.23)

Because of Boxers hard work ethic, it have motivated other animals in the farm (especially Benjamin) to increase their work time, making them work harder in hope of a good future thinking that it would benefit them. However in reality, Boxer’s actions was really just used by the pigs, milipulating the animals that working harder would bring them more food while the pigs were starving them. In the book, it was shone that the pigs have used Boxer as a advantage many times to influence the decisions of others, allowing them to brainwash the animals thinking that it was only because they did not work hard enough. In some ways Boxer relates to Napoleons speaker, squealer making the animals think that the cause for their starvation was because they did not work hard enough.

In concussion, through this evidence, it is shone that Boxer is a character who is incapable of helping the farm despite his hard work. Though he still has a heart for the other animals, it is proven how easily he could be miss lead by the cruel pigs (Stalin in russia) the cruel, corrupt leaders that end up destroying Animism.



January (M)INP 1: written response “nomination letter essay”

Nelson Mandela’s nomination for the nobel peace prize essay.


Mr. Mandela is a profoundly dedicated man to the fight for freedom in South Africa. His aim for promoting democracy around the world have gave us invulnerable lessons for our future freedom. Knowing him for quite a time, I have witnessed his varies acts of resilience, collaboration and compaction he exhibited through his aim to enhance the worlds notice toward freedom. Therefore, my credentials are adequate and meets the criteria for the configuration of a nomination letter. Mr. Mandela, in various ambitions and accomplishments have came to exceed the challenging requirements for this award, witch was displayed through his work. Although he have encountered various difficulties through his life, he were always was able to cope with it in curtail moments to resolve the central conflicts. Thus, I am willing to write to endorse Nelson Mandela to be endowed the Nobel peace prize.


Mr. Mandela’s commitment to human rights is one of his most valued characteristics which expands beyond his fight for South Africa. His movements towards human rights is one of the most recognizable, even till today, a man whose dedication to the freedom of people inspires civilians throughout the globe. In 1944,  he assisted the (African National congress) to work actively to obliterate the apartheid institutions of the ruling National Party. However, though the path on his actions, he still declared “I have fought against white domination, and I have fought for black domination.” Proving that his fight was not for the hatred for white people but truly for the freedom of the nation.


Mr. Mandela’s movements towards racial oppression is no doubt a symbol of compassion that we should all shadow. His work to obliterate the apartheid in South Africa have drew strength to empathy amongst ourselves. Mandela’s imprisonment was taken with dignity, understanding that his sacrifice could leave to the savings of numerous souls, showing true compassion through his sacrifices. After his sentence as a former political prisoner, Nelson have also appeared displaying appalling circumstances, demonstrating no bitterness, resentment or vengeance through his sentence, portraying true resilience after 27 years of imprisonment. Finally, his work with me to install freedom, and to provide racial fairness in South Africa have been a symbol of collaboration that is recognized throughout the globe. The awarding of the Nobel prize have also reflected collaboration with his receipt of this high honor.


Nelson Mandela have not only portrayed compaction through his work to install freedom in South Africa by risking his life, but also exhibited a great amount of resilience after his imprisonment. Furthermore, he have collaborated with F. W. Klerk to install freedom in South Africa, demonstrating his aptitude of compassion, collaboration and boundless amounts of resilience, within his gasp. Within the (African National congress), he have actively worked to fight against white denomination, but reasonably did so for only the freedom of his contrary. In addition, he have also worked to promote democracy around the world along obliterate the apartheid institutions of the ruling National Party in South Long_Walk_to_FreedomAfrica, reminding the world again that we were meant to fight for what is right.



“Nelson Mandela”. Encyclopædia Britannica. Encyclopædia Britannica Online.
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IBP blog post 1 december- once short story.



Germany 1964


She have been born to a new life. Awakened, surrounded by darkness and the smell of old, stale blood. Sirins wail. Airplanes humm. Bombs fall after bomb.

A lurching shudder shook the box enclosing her. She fell down at the sudden movement and shuffled backward on his hands and feet, her heart pounding in her chest, the heat pressing against her skin. The air was humid and damp, beeds of sweat hung from her head, drenching her shirt.

All around her, the harsh sounds of explosions, gunfire rang throught her ears, echoing through the box. She sank to her legs, and covered her ear drums, but the sounds of the exposions still chimed in her head.

Under her feet she could feel the rumbles of the exploding landminens, screaming men.

The room continued its endless swaying; the gunfire, the bombs which shook the box in a rattle. A long time have passed. Seconds streched into minues. Minues streched into hours. She should have got out along time ago, run for safty, but instead she sit put, in the corner of the box with her arms around her legs, and closed her eyes.


Something wasn’t right. Her dreams appeared in her head as soon as she hit the side of the box. Black wisps of smoke snaked out of the ground and whispered in her ears.

“The Nazi’s are coming.”


INP Blog Post #1 : Life of Pi tragedy

IBP part 1

Yann Martel’s Life of Pi, is a fascinating, heartbreaking story about a boy who survives a shipwreck, traveling though the pacific ocean with a Bengal tiger called Richard parker.


School life

At the beginning, the story covers Pi’s young life and childhood in India, It explains his early life, and how he was bullied at school due to his unusual name “pissin” which means pee in Indian. This was a great part of his early life as it caused him to be laughed at in school, which caused great depression to him.

However, to resolve the problem, towards his 5th grade, he have shortened his name his name to Pi, giving out the message that he dose not want to be laughed at anymore.



In India, his father owns a zoo, this made his life particularly close to animals, looking at them every day. However, despite this his father is aware of the true nature of animals, and repeatedly reminded Pi, not to be mistaken the animals as his friends. To illustrate the threat, his father forced pi watch a goat get murdered by that tiger, showing that animals should never be treated like humans.


Cultural phase

In addition to his relationship with animals, Pi have been taking in a variety of religions: Hinduism, Catholicism, and finally Islam. These religions were known with various encounters with different priests, guiding Pi to their Beliefs.

Though at first, his family did not accept it, they finally agreed to allow he respect his beliefs.


The Pacific

Due to the zoo issues in India, their family decided to sell it, and move on the Canada with the few remaining animals. With only a few days of packing they immediately set their way to the Pacific to get to Canada. Because of this Pi had to let go everything in the past. He have sacrificed his religion as well as schooling and his zoo all left back in India. However he did not know what else was to come.  Tragedy strikes when a terrible storm sinks the ship, leaving Pi only human survivor. To even worsen the case Pi was with Bengal tiger has also found refuge aboard the lifeboat, which set a great danger. As days turn into weeks and weeks drag into months, Pi and the tiger must learn to trust each other if both are to survive.


The assassin


The Assassin


The young man had chosen the hiding place very carefully. Bald, looking younger than his twenties and slim. There was a certain sleekness, a snake-like quality to him when he moved, and his eyes glimmered with a slightest trace of blue, the eyes of a man, who is used to the face of death.

The day was cold and obscure, with no sounds other than the wind monotonously, humming in the air. The hill lay enveloped in a cloud of darkness, as the last rays of the sun laid lazily over the horizon. All around the man, trees towered over him as tall as cathedrals, and a strange blue light- almost divine-shimmered bellow the vast canopy of leaves. As the man moved silently up the hill, he was aware of everything around him. A shattered fence beyond the abandoned complex, a deer staggering lazily across the lawn, obviously hurt. A dog-dead obscured in a horde of flies. He saw everything. If he were to close his eyes, he would still be able to notice everything, the guard the dog, nothing was out of his sight.


It took him no longer than a minute to notice the dainty rumbling of a engine in the distance, and soon he saw the glimmer of rusty steel of a old van gnarled by dust and scratches. As it turned off the road onto the muddy, rutted path leading to the house, the man have noticed everything about it. A out of date calendar resting on the molded windowsill, a fly-dead splattered on the door. A dent situated on top of the roof of the car. He was prepared.


For a second the car stood immobile, waiting on a square of asphalt, still, like a gray monster prepared to take it’s pray. It would take the owner of the van 10 steps to arrive to the complex. 10 steps to be noticeable. 10 steps to kill. The man took out his sniper. A expensive, jet black, 88 Winchester rifle. He loved the feeling. He loved his sniper, the way it picks out it’s pray, the way it sounds. It was perfect. He placed his eye along the rim of the scope, feeling the ice cold metal, against his skin, It was like a part of him, un-separated. Leisurely, his finger curled around the trigger, the cold rim of the scope brushing his eye lids.














Would you avoid flying over the Bermuda Triangle? What do you think happened to Malaysia Airlines Flight 370? Do you lie in bed at night wondering if aliens exist?


Later in our Mystery Mania unit, you will research and explain one real-life mystery in depth. First, we need to read broadly by skimming facts and theories about several mysteries.


Choose at least four intriguing mysteries, read about them, and complete the table below.

  • You may use bullet points.
  • Write in your own words! Don’t copy and paste!
  • Use to create an MLA citation.


These sites will get you started:

When you’ve identified your mysteries, try our MS Library Online Resources for further information.


Think about: kidnappings, natural phenomena, paranormal phenomena, cold cases, famous disappearances, philosophical, scientific, or mathematical puzzles, ancient mysteries…


Mystery The facts… The theories… What do you think? Why do you think that? MLA Citation
First evidence of ‘life after death’ found
  • your brain shuts down within 20-30 seconds after the heart has stopped
  • 40 percent of people experience maintaining some level of awareness during the period of time in which they would have been clinically dead.
  • More than 2000 people have suffered from cardiac arrest before being successfully resuscitated.
1. “soul and body” This theory prove the existence of our soul and body. Our souls are viewed as impartial, witch therefor would continue living after you are dead.2. “your state of mind” As humans die, there brains still work for a short amount of time, this theory is proved to be your state of mind after your body dies. Once your heart stops beating humans come to a state of imagination of what “life after death looks like.”


I believe this concept comes from the belief of soul and body. Why we express emotions and how we have feelings etc. unlike other animals.
Do parallel universes actually exist
  •  These universes can interact with one another through a subtle repulsive force.
  • Each universe has a relative change (not proven yet)
  • Science- multi universes multi verses.
  • Possible world- A world beyond ours logical possibility. 
  I believe in the multiple universe possibility. Space have different zones, it contains varios things, and with the existence of time, there has to be different zones in space in certain different times.
Time travel 
  • Space and time is a flat surface 
  • Time can be curved as well as altered
  • “Wormhole theory” The consent of bending time, and to cross it by creating a warp through 2 different zones in time. 
  • “3d and 4d” While space and time is a 3d figure (providing a traveler with coordinates — such as length, width and height —showing location) it can only go in one direction in time. However you can alter this by creating a bend, therefore altering the time line. This then becomes a 4 dimensioned figure. 
I believe in the 3d 4d theory. As you can see timego only in one direction.


punctuating dialogue

Only words spoken comes in quotation marks

ex: Correct: “Happy people live longer”

Incorrect: Happy people live longer

An uninterrupted speech needs quotation marks at the beginning and the end.

ex: Correct:  “I am so awesome that my teacher gave me a A+ in every subject.”

Incorrect:   “I am so awesome.” ” My teacher gave me a A+!”  “Not only in one subject, but in all subjects!”

You need a new paragraph when the speaker changes.

ex: Correct:  “Sorry mum, I tried my hardest to beat the game” I apologised

“It’s ok hun, just try harder next time.” She says.

Incorrect: “Sorry mum, I tried my hardest to beat the game” I apologised  “It’s ok hun, just try harder next time.” She says.

When two people are talking, you don’t exactly need to keep using their names.

ex: Correct:  “You are so annoying”

“I don’t care, I like to be annoying”


“You are so annoying” I said.

“I don’t care, I like to be annoying” My brother said.