End of the Year Blog Post: song playlist



David Guetta

This song Titanium mainly symbolizes resilience, showing that you will be confident and independent though 8th grade. It is a song that resembles how great you are as a person and individual despite the hardships we might have faced in our journey. The phrase “Shoot me down and I won’t fall). accurately describes that you have to be resilient through the challenges, and not to give up no mater what. 


Pharrell Williams

In a stressful school like ours, its important to recall all the happy memories, and remember that not everything has to be complaints. I believe that this song done a good job of how it symbolizes the happy moments we have through the recent years. It have also sent the important message that there is always something positive even when everything might seem to be going wrong. 

7 years

Lukas Graham

This song is a song that helps us reflect on our past, to see all the good and bad memories that we faced. The song not only has such a powerful message to treasure the memories of this time amazing things in the middle school, but also shows that there are exciting new adventures in our coming years.

Stressed out.

twenty one pilots

Many may believe that stress is a huge factor of middle school especially in 8th grade. I am sure that stress is one of the main problems we have faced in these years, but it is something that we can’t deny in school. For me, I take stress as a good thing, without it we will never be prepared of what is coming for the upcoming years, and especially, for the rest of our lives.

Young, Wild and Free

Snoop Dogg & Wiz Khalifa

There is not a thing in the world that I would give in for all the good times I have had with friends that this song symbolizes. This song makes you realize just how meaningful those times are and that you shouldn’t let them go to waste. The problem is that as people get older and start to gain responsibilities, they forget how much they used to enjoy these moments. 

Hall of fame

The Script

This song to me, represents some of the few people leaving our community, and how we are never going to forget them. I hope that even though we would be separated from different places, we could continue to be close, and cherish our friendships from middle school. The deepest meaning of this song is that no mater how far we are our memories, and friendships will last on in our hearts.

Count on me

Bruno Mars Lyrics 

A good school year would of never lasted without the laughs and times with friends. In good times and bad, they can be there for you and help you. I believe that friends has the most powerful impact on others, and can be relied on. Most of the problems comes from friendship, as well as the best, funnies moments of your life.

The lazy song

Bruno Mars

Laziness is one thing I cannot deny in 8th grade. I would say that most of the assignments I did were finished near the deadline. Many times I would think that I have the whole day to finish a piece of work, but it ends up that I only have a few minutes after everything I have after school. 

March MINP #2- Multimedia- Themes of Animal farm

This is a theme analysis on George Orwell’s famous book Animal Farm. I made a presentation demonstrating the three themes of Animal farm!

Presentation1 Animal farm themes


Orwell, George. Animal Farm. New York: Harcourt, Brace, 1954. Print.

Animal Farm Symbol. Digital image. Wikipeadia Commons. Wikipeadia, 24 Oct. 2014. Web. 24 Mar. 2016.


Na no wri mo blog post

Overall, how did NaNoWriMo go? What went well? What did not go well?

I believed that na no wri mo was a great experience for me, throughout the process, I have learned how to write longer and more sophisticated stories that have a better storyline and plot. In addition I was also able to focus on the other aspects in writing such as character development because the story. Even though that part did not go that smoothly, I belived on the last two weeks have went really smoothly without any lags or slowing down of my writing progress.


What did you learn about yourself? (Did you grow in writing or discipline or any other areas)?

During the writing, It seemed to me as if I was a robot, writing reputedly non stop with no true plot or where I was going to write about. I found out that I was a writer who dosent have a cleer thought of what I should write about. I have also learned how much the writing effected me durring my scedual! When doing different activities, I could not get my mind streight because I keep on thinking what to write about durring these times. However I found out that the best ideas of my writing come from when I am doing running, or doing sports, which I found really usful when I am writing. Despite the few opportunities I got to work on my novel at school, my day after school was either occupied or late in the night. I found myself working every day on this projet, however i do not have much quality when I do my work, I often have my mind blank, or could not think about any more ideas.


What is the end result? Are you cleaning up a short part to get published?

To be honest, I feel that my project was fairly incomplete, I did not really reach the climax, and did not have the entire story to get it published. Though I liked my story and ideas I believe that I should keep on working on it even after school.



Summative post


So far the collaboration between our group was successful. By combining our ideas and skills we were able to developed a prototype of working soccer car that is remote controlled. This has enabled us to create a successful program, making us able to remote control the robot. Though that portion of the time we worked together, I belived one member of our group- Eric did not belive we did any work. He have only worked for few days to do the program and said he did 50% of the work. However eventually his program failed, and caused us to loose some matches durring the competition. I belive that inorder to have a more sucsessful outcome next time, we should work together more and comunicate more.

I’m proud that we got this far because at first we had no clue how to build and there were no useful websites. The main turning point of our project was when we got to spend about 3 hours just building and programming in a workshop where everyone else were working on the same thing. The way we decided to make our robot is one EV3 controlling the soccer bot while the other EV3 was the soccer bot. The two EV3 were connected by bluetooth wireless connection.


In the begging, we were late. We were still at the planning stage when everyone else was at the construction phase. We foiled four plans in total because we couldn’t choose.

When we finally started to build, we have begun to do the easiest part, the wheels! After many lessons, we made a pair of extremely fast.

This was our main turning point. We went to a small workshop for mindstorm that we all had similar interests. There I learned to program, and we had a bunch of time to build. We got inspiration from other bots. Apparently there was a small a ball that can be used for steering.

Becuse Eric did not want to work more on the program, we decided to but a ball in the back to provide more sucsess in turning our robot more swiftly.

One of the most important aspects of this compatition I belive is the remote controls. Here is what I did with mine.

On the left it was the speed control, if we pushed it forwards it increaced speed, if we draged it behind it slowed the speed. In the begining we proposed the idea of putting a steering wheel as the turner, however we decided it was going to be too hard to control so we stuck with the arrows and the speed controler.

Here was our robot.

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 8.57.26 am

October INP Post #2: Short story baced on the book “American Sniper”



The Assassin


The young man had chosen the hiding place very carefully. Blond, looking younger than his twenties and slim. There was a certain sleekness, a snake-like quality to him when he moved, and his eyes glimmered with a slightest trace of blue, the eyes of a man who is used to the face of death.

The day was cold and obscure, with no sounds other than the wind monotonously, humming in the air. The hill lay enveloped in a cloud of darkness, as the last rays of the sun laid lazily over the horizon. All around the man, trees towered over him as tall as cathedrals, and a strange blue light- almost divine-shimmered bellow the vast canopy of leaves. As the man moved silently up the hill, he was aware of everything around him. A shattered fence beyond the abandoned complex, a deer staggering lazily across the lawn, obviously hurt, and a dog-dead obscured in a horde of flies. He saw everything. If he were to close his eyes, he would still be able to notice his surroundings, the guard the dog, nothing was out of his sight. The man have been waiting for 24 hours for his pray, perched like a eagle, waiting to strike. All around him the stench of urine and feces hung around the air, burning his nose, but he knew he could not leave


It took him no longer than a minute to notice the dainty rumbling of a engine in the distance, and soon he saw the glimmer of rusty steel of a old van gnarled by dust and scratches. As it turned off the road onto the muddy, rutted path leading to the house, the man have noticed everything about it. A out of date calendar resting on the molded windowsill, a fly-dead splattered on the door. A dent situated on top of the roof of the car. It has stopped. He was prepared.


For a second the car stood immobile, waiting on a square of asphalt, still, like a gray monster prepared to take it’s pray. It would take the owner of the van 10 steps to arrive to the complex. 10 steps to be noticeable. 10 steps to kill. The man took out his sniper. A expensive, jet black, 88 Winchester rifle. He loved the feeling. He loved his sniper, the way it picks out it’s pray, the way it sounds. It was perfect. He placed his eye along the rim of the scope, feeling the ice cold metal, against his skin, It was like a part of him, un-separated. Leisurely, his finger curled around the trigger, the cold rim of the scope brushing his eye lids. Bang! He did not need to look, he did not hesitate. He knew he have hit the target. Slowly, the man stretched himself, stood up and left without a trace or regret. The man was the American sniper.


Water Bottle Lift Reflction

Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 3.38.40 PM

I think that our collaboration with my parter was sucsessful. We were able to work together very well and was able to agree to each other. I am very proud of what we built and I think that it wouldn’t have gotten any better.