End of Year Reflection

Language Arts and History

Over the many things I learned as a reader, I found out that I loved books that relate to sad events such as the World War II. Many of my e logs describe the story of sad story because towards the experience of reading these stories sadness demonstrates a deeper meaning when reading. Overall reading skills has improved, many of the functions to writing was took when I was reading, after my 5th E-log, my mind changed about how I thought about different books. Like reading, my essay skills I think has improved the most after this year. Throughout the corse of the first semester, I think my essays were vary unorganised and undated, however once I had learned that you have to first oganize the paper, my argument for this essay has grown strong and organised.  During the Qin Shi Huang essay, I learned the many important skills to organize an pice of writing. Towards the beginning of the year, I recognised an



Throughout the process of learning math, I had improved on numerous things. One of witch is my algebra. I learned how to writ equations and solve them to find values of unknown numbers. I didn’t really relay on retests, because many times it was not my mathematics that has the problem but my persistency.



Siance was one of my biggest improvements towards my learning. Much of my studies relay on the resources from my teachers and I found It very helpful to experiment with these websites. Towards the year, I had grown a