White blood cells science



1. Who is in your group and what has been your role in the group in terms of taking initiative to successfully select and complete your group’s project?

Me and Ryan have taken a step in choosing the immune system. At first Ryan suggested the muscular system however we decided that it is better if we choice something that is easer to do with cardboard and therefore we choice the immune system.


2. How do you feel about how you have learned new knowledge in doing this project?

I believe that throughout the process of building process of the system, I have growed in my knolage of the immune system. Now when I go to the docter I can understand why would they touch or see parts of your body, to reconise if your body has a viris or a bacteria that infected you.

3. How has your group overcome problems or difficulties in accomplishing your task?

While many times, me and Ryan have difficulties collaborating, we eventually have planned to both draw out our idea’s and try to work both of them to the model, this taktic have been extremly sucsessful that sometimes our work tured out better then expected!

Separating Solutions – Desalinisation – Activity 8 Sections 2,3 and 4

1. Describe the physical properties of the substance that remains in the evaporating dish.

The salt turns out to be more powdery, different when we fist put it in. This makes me pounder if the time of the evaporation is shorter because of this. I also noticed that the salt formed on the sides, this made me think that this was because the water stays on the bottom because the salt cannot melt on the bottom.

2. Where is the water that was in the salt water solution?

It evaporated because of the heat.

3. What do you think the substance is that remained in the evaporating dish?

The remains in the dish is salt.
4. What could you do to identify the substance?

To look at the propitious of the material.



1. Explain why scientists would classify cereal as a heterogeneous mixture.

A heterogeneous mixture is when the particles are not uniform, and not distributed evenly. Take some coffee with unmelted bits for example. Since some chunks are left in the mixture, this coffee counts as a heterogeneous mixture. But if the bits are melted then the mixture is homogeneous. Now cereal floats on top of the milk, there are bits left over witch separates the materials.

2. After a minor traffic accident, the police noticed that a solution had spilled and run off

the roadway onto the shoulder of the road. Describe how you could recover a

sample of this solution from the dirt, rocks, and sand on the road’s shoulder.


Fist of all we can first pick out the rocks witch leves the dirt and sand. then we can use seve set to get the sand on one layer and the dirt on the other.

3. When a scientist mixed together a number of substances, light, heat, and gas were

produced. The scientist could not separate the new substance using physical

properties like solubility, density, or color. Did the scientist create a mixture, or did

she produce something else? Explain how the product she produced was like and/or

different from the homogeneous and heterogeneous mixtures you have used.

She created a solution, or a homogeneous solution. This is because it dissolved together and is inseparable, so it’s a solution, which is homogeneous.

Boiling Point #2 – Different Volumes

1 This matters by the on the atmospheric pressure which changes depending on the elevation of the land. As you gain altitude, the water boils at a higher temperature because of the increasing atmospheric pressure.

2 Once more water is added the beaker with more water would give off more heat and energy witch signifies the ice to melt faster. Heat is thermal energy that is transfered from each bond to another, The temperature of the liquid is capable to absorb or give up heat to another molecule witch would melt and transpose heat faster.

3 In this matter water would usually stay in the same form of boiling, but if there is a change if the heat is evaporated with steam witch causes the boil to start transposing heat again.