Art Scechbook

We all started with 7 pieces of A3 paper witch we folded to make each page double. After, I took one sheet of A3 paper witch I then folded again to make the front page. Then I took two sheets of white cardboard paper smooth one one side and rough on the other and glued the rough side to the folded A3 paper leaving a 1cm space between the center of the book and the white cardboard paper. We were careful to stick the card one centermeater away from the fold, because if not, the paper will stick out of the cover. Then we started the binding. Fist after clipping the 7 folded A3 papers on the art book I added dots 3 centimetre wide on the spine of the book, these were set to mark the places I would put the holes in. Second we got a hammer and pin and used to puch some holes into the holes I marked. Finally we added some strings inside the hole to secure the bounding. After that I started my drawing. I made this book to express my artwork on these pages. I also wan’t to create a work of art to look back in the future and see how much I improved with my drawing techniques. This Is a work of art because It is mine and it could show my expressions put into my drawings. The true benefits of having a own art book is that you have something that is made by you, your possession. Also it can represent you, if you buy an art book from a store, or a person it isn’t truly your own you will get mixed up with others, however having your own art book is like a thing you can recognise just by seeing it. You can also customise your own art book any way you want, every part of it! Finally, your art books are unique it is like your own painting, it feels good to have it, like if you win without cheeting. It will feels special to you, like your verry own. Art created by yourself is always better then art bought by yourself. Photo on 14-1-15 at 10.02 AM