Critique on Work of Do-Ho Suh

Describe it:

Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 10.54.39 AM

  • What do you see?

A chain mail armour or coat that seems to be hanging in mid air. Armer is full of bright plates can be called a coat witch also resembles armour.

  • What observations can you make about theWORK?

Within is made with the goal that there is an honor structure supporting the workmanship piece, however within the praise structure is lined with mirrors to make it appear as though its not there. Furthermore, the chainmail broadens such a distance out the entryway.

Relate it:

  • What does theWORK remind you of?

One of those Chinese warrior’s reinforcement, when they’re all hung in metal and extravagant coats. Sort of like a war dress/coat. Analyze it:

  • What can youSHARE about the form, function, and/or construction?

In the event that this coat was genuine, then the capacity would to serve war, while the structure a cross, yet with the top cut off. In the event that you take a gander at this other craftsmanship by Do Ho Suh, you can see the style Do Ho Suh has. He frequently does coats, without the heads, and makes it look truly formal and deliberate. I can likewise see that the coat has a mythical serpent scale example, or a fish scale design. The coat’s example additionally may look like crocodile calfskin, on which both material, the mythical serpent scale and crocodile cowhide are both exceptionally intense material and difficult to enter. This may symbolize that Do Ho Suh needed the coat to resemble a reinforcement that couldn’t be infiltrated. The shading, sparkly silver, likewise may symbolize that this coat is implied for somebody with high status or honor.


I think the way that Do Ho Suh made within look imperceptible was the most intriguing. Putting mirrors inside the coat and having the lighting sparkle on the surface of the coat makes the coat look extremely great. Additionally, the way that the mirrors make within not that self-evident, it includes the component of unpleasantness since when somebody quickly looks at it, it would seem that a gliding coat.

  • What questions would you ask the artist about theWORK?

Why did you spread out the coat to such an extent? Why did you remove the head part? What enlivened you to make this work of art?


ranslate it:

What title would you give theWORK?

Apparition’s Armor.

Why do you think the craftsman picked this kind ofWORK to make?

Perhaps on the grounds that he originates from Korea, where North Korea is experiencing socialism. These strict garbs and the genuine temperament may speak to Do Ho Suh’s emotions toward Korea. He likewise may have decided to do thisWORK in light of the fact that he needed to bring issues to light about North Korea’s socialism, or possibly the whole Korea’s way of life.

Assess it:

How effective is theWORK?

On the off chance that achievement implies great, then yes, this was exceptionally amazing. In the event that achievement means sold forA LOT OF MONEY, then I’m not exactly beyond any doubt if this fine art is notwithstanding available to be purchased.

What is the most great part of the work?

How he made within undetectable, and how consistent and reliable the example looked. Perhaps how he bolstered the structure of the coat.

How pertinent is the work to issues throughout your life or society today?

All things considered, this protection may speak to how in life, we generally need to ensure ourselves, whether physically or socially. In any case, there ought to be a hole in this defensive layer where our friends and family are, the manner by which we believe them and give all of them we have. Then again, the mirrors on the inside strength speak to that we need to continually consider ourselves, see what mistakes we have, fix them, and not simply concentrate on other individuals. In conclusion, the everlasting example of scales/crocodile cowhide may speak to that life has reliable times, where you should simply preparing, honing and exhausting textBOOK perusing. Be that as it may, that is for the better great, to ensure yourself like the example is engraved on the covering that we all must wear.

Blog Tower Peer Critique

kuala lumpur twin towers. 


Structure: The famous Kuala lumpur twin towers is situated on Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It applies a tube like structure to support it’s extremely tall building. It’s two towers are proportionate in size and shape, parallel to each other and connected by a bridge. THe tower features a double stacked skybridge connecting the tow towers on the ends of it’s floors. 

This is the celebrated Petronas Towers, found in the capital of Malaysia. These two towers are dependant, with a scaffold in the middle of supporting both and empowering individuals to cross. The state of the base of these twin towers are roundabout fused with rectangular, supporting an in number base for these towers. At the base of these towers is a tremendous shopping center, on which the two towers itself is utilized as an inn. The shopping center has a rectangular base for structure.

Marina Bay Sands Towermbs-property-a4

Form: The Marina Bay Sands Tower is a fascinating site, supported by three rows and a swimming pool on the peek. It potrays a stong structure supported by three towers and a large rooftop swimming pool at the top.  

Structure: This tower is the Big Ben Tower, known to be in London with the Parliament office at the bottom. The Parliament is a rectangular short-storied building that takes up a wide expanse of surface area, making this building a steady yet short structure. The Big Ben Tower is perched at the corner, with a strong square base. The Big Ben is the clock tower for the city of Westminster in England.

This tower is the Marina Bay Sands Tower, which is backed by three towers and a vast swimming pool at the top. As seen, the structure is solid and strong due to the three towers supporting the pool at the top. The three towers are lodging spaces for the Marina Bay Sands Hotel, and the high lifted pool is one of Singapore’s greatest attractions.

Big Ben  big-ben-IMG_0180

This tower is the Big Ben Tower, known to be in London with the Parliament office at the base. The Parliament is a rectangular short-storied building that takes up a wide spread of surface territory, making this building an enduring yet short structure. The Big Ben Tower is roosted at the corner, with an in number square base. The Big Ben is the clock tower for the city of Westminster in England.