Summative Task Portraits

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In these portraits there are many compositional rules that apply but one of the most common one is the rule of thirds. The rule of thirds come in these pictures because on the first photo the person is in the middle and the tree is on the left line of the rule of thirds grid. In the middle the person is in the center of the photograph. On the right the main focus is in the middle and the right part of the photograph. I think that the three most important elements in a photograph are lighting, placement of the objects and proportions of frame. I think that lighting is important because the lighting controls how much you are allowing the viewer to see and what they can’t. I think that placement of objects are important because depending on where you place you object(s) in the photograph, you can tell which is the main part of the photo or just the background of the photo. Last, I think that proportions of frame is important because again you are controlling what the viewer can see and cannot see.

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