Abstract Summative

IMG_6233   IMG_6234   IMG_6238

For these photos I used different compositions. For the first one it was pattern because the leaf has a pattern. For the second one there is an angle to the picture but it is also a portrait because there is a person and you can their face. For the third one it was also a portrait because it is also another picture of a person’s face and it is front on. I think that the mood that I’m trying to convey for the first one is probably calmness because the leaf can symbolize peace and calm. For the other two pictures I think that the mood is happiness because as you can see the person in the photograph is smiling bringing a happy mood. I think that the three most important elements in creating a abstract photo is the angle the placement of objects and lighting. I think that the angle is important because in some angles can seem more abstract than other angles. I think that the placement of objects because that also effects how abstract you want the picture to be because you can make it more or less abstract. Last I think that the lighting because the lighting controls what you can and cannot see in the pictures, it can also make one part of the picture the main part if it is lighter for example.

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