Act 1 Scene 1: Witches heat upon the heath at twilight planning to meet Macbeth.

Act 1 Scene 2: The title of Cawdor has been passed on to Macbeth.

Act 1 Scene 3: The witches told Macbeth that he was going to be Thane of Cawdor but he didn’t believe him and then later Ross comes and tell him that he the Thane of Glamis, the Thane of Cawdor and the king.

Act 1 Scene 4: Duncan was just called the Prince of Cumberland but Macbeth heard from the witches that he is suppose to be the Prince of Cumberland.

Act 1 Scene 5: Lady Macbeth summons the evil spirits to come in her and to help her kill Duncan but Macbeth is not too sure so then Lady Macbeth told him that she will handle it.

Act 1 Scene 6: Lady Macbeth greeted Duncan but Duncan only wants to be with Macbeth so he tells Lady Macbeth to go away.

Act 1 Scene 7: Macbeth does not want to murder Duncan but then Lady Macbeth comes in and persuades him and follow the plan to murder Duncan.

Act 2 Scene 1: Macbeth was talking about how he was going to kill Duncan, he got a dagger and after the bell rung he is going to kill Duncan with the dagger.

Act 2 Scene 2: Macbeth killed Duncan but then he is scared to think of what he did. Lady Macbeth tells him to put the daggers on the guards so it looks like they did it but then Macbeth does not move so Lady Macbeth has to do it herself, the she hears knocking and tells Macbeth to go wash his hands but he does not move so she has to push him.

Act 2 Scene 3: The porter opens the door and they found out the Duncan was dead so Macbeth killed the guards saying that he was so angry that they killed Duncan and then the sons of Duncan said that they were not safe there so they decided to flee.

Act 2 Scene 4: Since Malcolm and Dolobain ran away they were suspicious that they killed Duncan so now the title of king has been rewarded to Macbeth.

Act 3 Scene 1: Macbeth tells the murderers to kill Banquo and his son.

Act 3 Scene 2: Lady Macbeth says that they have not gotten anything since after they killed Duncan and it is still not enough, then Macbeth tells Lady Macbeth that he has hired murderers to kill Banquo and Fleance but tells her not to worry about it.

Act 3 Scene 3: There is a third murderer that joined the other two and they kill Banquo and Banquo tells Fleance to run for his life and the third murderer kills the other two.

Act 3 Scene 4: Macbeth finds out the Fleance escaped he goes to the dinner and hallucinates and sees Banquo’s ghost and he has scared his guests off he has to go fine the weird sisters and his wife says he needs more sleep.

Act 3 Scene 5: Macbeth goes to see the witches and they tell him to watch for macduff, he cannot be harmed by someone born by a woman, and if the woods go to his castle he could be hurt.

Act 3 Scene 6: The two lords came together and talked about how Fleance escaped and they also talked about Macbeth.

Act 4 Scene 1: THe lords tell Macbeth that Macduff has fled to England so he says that he is going to kill everyone in the castle.

Act 4 Scene 2: Lady Macduff is mad because her husband left her and the children without telling her, then the messenger comes and tells them that someone is going to kill them and to flee but Lady Macduff thinks that she did nothing wrong and the murderers come and kill her son

Act 4 Scene 3: Macduff meets Malcolm and Malcolm tests Macduff to see if he is a traitor and he passes the test, then Macduff finds out that everyone in his castle is killed so he swore he would get revenge on Macbeth.

Act 5 Scene 1: Lady Macbeth is sleepwalking so her helper called the doctor and when she reveals what she has done and who has been killed the doctor said that it is beyond his practice and to ask forgiveness from God.

Act 5 Scene 2: The rebels are waiting for the army and they find out that Macbeth is in the castle and they are ready to go.

Act 5 Scene 3: Macbeth is feeling confident because of the three premonitions but then the doctor says that his wife cannot be cured because it is not a disease and the doctor does not want to go back there again.

Act 5 Scene 4: The people are using Birnam wood as camouflage.

Act 5 Scene 5: Macbeth finds out that his wife commit suicide, and messenger said that he saw birnam wood moving and he said that if he dies he will die in battle.

Act 5 Scene 6: Malcolm and Macduff gather and throw down their leafy screens.

Act 5 Scene 7: Macbeth kills the young soldier.

Act 5 Scene 8: Macduff comes and kills Macbeth and Fleance shows up because he was going to be king next because the witches say that Banquos son was going to be king.


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