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When we made our sketchbooks, we first started off with 15 pages of A3 paper and then folded the in half and then took two pieces of thick paper and use it as the cover. Then we used masking tape to tape the cover and the paper together in the middle. Then we used a nail and hammer to make holes in the paper that was not too big. Then we took a needle and string and threaded the string through the holes of the notebook and did a two forward and one back stitch and when we were finished stitching the notebook we did a type of knot called the knot that ties itself and then after that we were done with making the sketchbook.

One of the benefits of making your own sketchbook is that you can customise it and design it however you want to. You can also make another one because  you already made on so you know how to make another one. Also if you don’t want to buy a sketchbook you can just make one by yourself and its also cheaper.

Some of the things that I might like to change is maybe I’d like to make it smaller so maybe it could be like a pocket sketchbook or something. Another thing that I might want to change is that I might use a different stitch because this stitch did not include the top and the bottom part of the pages of the sketchbook.