Handy Value Drawing

Photo on 8-10-14 at 10.15 AM


When we did our hand drawings, we first drew three different hands in different positions, then we choose out favourite on and used carbon paper to transfer the image of the hand on the hard paper. After we got the hands on the paper, we drew multiple lines across the paper and shaded each space the lines made. The shading shows different depths and how some parts are over others and how others are on top of others. For my drawing I drew four hand all facing different directions and shaded them. I used the palm facing up gesture symbolizing open and peace. In my drawing I am saying open and peace so there are no wars or hatred. I think that the effect of the value drawing is that you can see different depths in the drawing like how some parts look like they are on top of other parts. There are different depths of the drawing like the shading part. I think that my drawing is successful because I was able to show different depths in the drawing and you could clearly see the hands.