Photographic Story 1

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This picture had been taken by Steve McCurry who is a journalist. He took this picture of an Afghanistan girl in a concentration camp is Afghanistan. In December 1984, Afghanistan was five years into a bloody civil war between the Soviet Union, which sought to maintain a Marxist government there, and anti-government Islamic rebels called mujahideen. He was touring a refugee camp in Afghanistan and he saw this 12-year old girl and took a picture.

Occupy Central Picture

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I think that this picture is powerful because they all believe in one thing and they come together and stand for what they believe for and support each other because they all believe in the same thing.


Occupy Hong Kong News

On September 28, 2014 the people of Hong Kong have been protesting against the Chinese government. They are protesting against the Chinese government, because the Chinese government is not letting the people choose who they want to be elected for the 2017 election of the Hong Kong government. The people in Hong Kong want the right to be able to choose who they want to for the chief executive for the Hong Kong government. People say that they have the right to speak up for themselves and they have to right to protest for what they want.

I think that people that are protesting have the right to free and choose who they want as the leader of Hong Kong because in this short clip that I saw, there was a girl saying something about that how all of the people have dreams and Joshua Wong had a dream and he changed a generation. The people have the right to have a goof life, they have the right to be protected by the government that is represented by the people