Identity, racism, stereotypes, and prejudice

What did you learn about identity, stereotypes, prejudice, and racism?

I learned that, a lot of the times, people are judged by their identity and race and when people judge other people they connect them back to stereotypes or prejudice. I also learned that they all kind of link back to each other and how one affects another.


In what ways did your ideas change from the initial lesson when we created word webs on the white boards?

I think that I have learned a lot more since the beginning because in the beginning, we had the basic ideas about each one, and later on we learned more about what the meaning of each was and to think deeper into the meaning of the word and how they link back together and how they affect each other.


How does race shape the way we see ourselves and others?

Race shape the way we see ourselves and others because people could think that since people look different they could think that there could be a better race just because they look different or what traits they have. It also shapes us because you could have grown up in believing something about another race because your family believes that or something could have happened to make you think that way.


To what extent do our ideas about race influence the choices we make?

I think that the ideas about different races influence the choices we make because people could have false assumptions about a race that is bad or that is rude, since people think that they tend to stay away from that race. It also influences the choices we make because you could think that your race is more superior than another’s so you make them fell inferior by making fun of them or disrespecting them.

Government Unit Reflection

During the government unit I think that I did fine because in the first part of the unit I did well but in the second part of the unit I didn’t do very well on the tests. I think that next time I would take more notes and I would study earlier to make sure that I am prepared for the test and to ask questions if I don’t understand something.  The study strategies that have worked for me are taking notes and reviewing them and making sure to review the notes before the test so that I wouldn’t forget anything. The study strategies that did not work for me are studying a lot at a time instead of studying a little every night. Next time for a test I will take notes and study a little every night and review my notes before the test.