Reading Log #4 Pretenders

Book #4       Date: 28/10/14       Words: 45166

Title: Pretenders           Author: Lisi Harrison

Genre: Realistic Fiction

Opening Sentence: “Morning One as a Noble High freshman did not involve a lot of handholding.”

Favorite Word/phrase/sentence:

“I realize I wasn’t really Blake Lively and my confidence took a dive.”

This shows that when this character does not channel someone else’s personality her confidence in herself will drop.

Vocabulary and new terms:

Presence- the state or fact of existing, occurring, or being present

Musings- a period of reflection or thought


This book taught me to never judge a book by it cover.All these people in the story seem to be the opposite of what everyone in there school thought about them.Which gives me to believe that the way I could possibly judge someone is assuming about everything that person is before I actually know

Reading Log #3 Reality Check

Book #3         Words: 73437     Date: 28/10/14

Title: Reality Check

Genre: Realistic Fiction

Author: Jen Calonita

Opening Sentence: It’s only 3:47 PM. How can that be? It feels like i’ve been here for hours,not just forty-seven minutes.

Favorite Words/Phrases:

Addison is never that frank, or that personal.


Hash- informal make a mess of; bungle.

Rigged-typically in a makeshift or hasty way


After reading this book i learned that no matter what happens good and bad you know who are your real friends when all they care about is you. Not the money,not the fame but yourself. That gives me the confidence to speak up when someone saids something bad about me or my friends.

Reading Log #2 The Battle Of Darcy Lane

Book #2     Date: 27/10/14

Title: The Battle Of Darcy Lane      Author: Tara Altebrando

Genre: Realistic Fiction

Opening Sentence: Taylor and I were sitting on the front porch pretending to be millionaires as the afternoon turned into evening.

Favorite Words And Phrases:

Alyssa’s mother was already gone,running across the street with her hoodie pulled up over her head. Not even saying goodbye.

My parents cheered. Alyssa’s mother said “Unbelievable”

This shows that maybe the reason Alyssa acts the way she does, is because her mom cares a lot about not getting embarrassed, and not caring about what what Alyssa feels.


Visibility- (n) The state of being able to see or not to see

Complicated- (adj) involving many different and confusing aspects


I think that after i read this book i understood that even if you think your friendshio with someone is so strong that doesn’t mean that the other person agrees.That means don’t assume that nothing bad/good will happen and let it be.

Reading Blog #1 I am Malala

Book #1


Date: 26/10/14

Title: I am Malala Genre ~ Non-Fiction: Autobiography •

Opening Sentence: When I was born, people in our village commiserated with my mother and nobody congratulated my father. •

Favorites word / phrase / sentence: • Back in Mingora the first thing I saw when I opened my wardrobe was my uniform, school bag and geometry set. I felt so sad. The visit to Islamabad had been a lovely break, but this was my reality now.

• Vocabulary and new terms (with part of speech) and definition: • Morality (n) principles concerning the distinction between right and wrong or good and bad behavior: • Reflection, Connection & Personal Response:

• After reading this book I learned that all that Malala has been through she is able to put all of that away and carry on spreading the word about educating children. I can connect to this because Malala has given me the courage to fight for the things that I believe in and to not let anything get in my way.