Secret Of My Hollywood Life “Family Affairs” #7

Book: #7              Words:74494           Date: November 2nd,2014

Title: Secrets Of My Hollywood Life “Family Affairs”        Author: Jen Calonita

Opening Sentence:

“Eight More Lines Than Me! Eight! My costar Sky Mackenzie, charges into the dressing room screaming like a banshee”

Favorite Phrase:

“I feel my skin start to blister.”


Presence- noun [ mass noun ] the state or fact of existing, occurring, or being present:

Wattage- noun an amount of electrical power expressed in watts.


The book inspired me to not act childish when there are people trying to pull me down. In the book Kaitlin new costar was constantly causing trouble with Sky and Kaitlin, that Kaitlin got pulled down by what Alexis was saying. At the end she learned that if she kept her head held up high she would succeed.


Secrets Of My Hollywood Life -On Location” #6

Book: #6            Words: 54252      Date: November 2nd,2014

Tite: Secrets Of My Hollywood Life “On Location”

Opening Sentence: The sound is unmistakable as it rises in decibel,frightening the blue jay that is drinking from the italian marble bird bath and causing our gardener, Joe to drop his hose.

Favorite Sentence:

“It doesn’t matter even if it was short lived,the truth is,i fell hard.”


Divulge- verb [ with obj. ] make known (private or sensitive information)

Gargantuan- adjective enormous:


After finishing this book i learned that i shouldn’t dwell in the past because,the past is the past and i wouldn’t be living in the present. The character Kaitlin has been in a bad relationship which she was taken advantage of, this made her be able to let her new boyfriend Austin be part of the famous life she lives. However at the end she was able to open up to Austin which let her not to lie to him.

Secrets Of My Hollywood Life #5

Title: Secret Of My Hollywood Life        Words: 57201               Date: November 2nd,2014

Book: #6                 Author: Jen Calonita

Genre: Realistic Fiction

Opening Sentence: “I’m going to let you in on a little Hollywood Secret: Movie stars don’t always get along.”

Favourite word/phrase/sentence:

In Hollywood people give me some respect. To my face at least.


adjective-given or allowed only reluctantly or resentfully


I feel that this book helped me understand why i shouldn’t assume that the things i read in magazines are true because many magazines tend not always tell the truth. Also I shouldn’t treat celebrities as people who are normal because they are just regular people.