#14 The Daughters Break the Rules By Joanna Philbin

Title: The Daughters Break The Rules      Author: Joanna Philbin

Opening Sentences: Carina Jurgensen squeezed the rubber stress ball over and over, looking out the tinted window as their car sped across town.

Favorite Sentences:

Carina felt her throat tighten with dread. She’d had plenty of fights with her dad over the years, but this was different.

Good Vocabulary:

Publication- noun [ mass noun ] the preparation and issuing of a book, journal, or piece of music for public sale

Reflection: This taught me that it’s important to believe in yourself and never let anyone tell you that your not as important, thats what the character had to deal with.

#13 Not For Parents The Real Wonders Of The World

Title: Not For Parents The Real Wonders Of The World          Author: Lonely Planet

Genre: Travel

Opening Sentence: The world is a wonderful planet, in ways you never imagined.

Favorite Word:

Redeemer- noun a person who redeems someone or something


This book gave me a new outlook on places around the world, because they tell you things that you never thought about. Its a very good book to read about if you are looking for things that is more interesting for children.



#12 The Daughters By Joanna Philbin

Title: The Daughters (Series Book: 1)        Author: Joanna Philbin

Date: 1/3/15

Opening Sentence: “Katia! Katia! Over here! Over Here!”

Favorite Sentences: Lizzie Summers stood where she usually did when she was out with her mother off to the side hidden in the crowd safely out of frame and watched the worlds most famous supermodel drive the paparazzi crazy.

Favorite Vocabulary:

Luncheon- noun a formal lunch, or a formal word for lunch.

Reflection: This book gives you a good way of seeing what it’s like to be put into a situation where you have no control to be put under, where for lizzie it was having to deal with being under her mothers spotlight when she is trying to make it in the modeling industry.

#11 Broadway Lights By Jen Calonita

Title: Broadway Lights (Secrets Of My Hollywood Life Book 5)            Author: Jen Calonita

Date: 1/3/15

Opening Sentence: “I’m Chatty Cathy from Inside Hollywood your source for all things Hollywood and tonight I’m at the premiere of Pretty Young Assassins”

Favorite Sentence:

“I try not to laugh as Cathy’s perky expression changes to a look of pure terror.”

Good Vocabulary:

Blissful-  adjective extremely happy; full of joy

Reflection- This was a cosy book to read but, while it being a nice little read it can still have many moments which makes you question what the character (Kaitlin). This is a book that i would reccomend this book to someone that would like a book that is a book you could read while sitting next to a fireplace.

#10 Paparazzi Princess By Jen Calonita

Title: Paparazzi Princess       Author: Jen Calonita

Date: 1/2/15

Opening Sentence: “Okay Kaitlin, just relax” I am relaxed i insist. Okay thats a lie. I’m petrified.”


Favorite Sentences: I attempt to say yes, but when i open my mouth, it feels like I ate a fistful of cotton.


Vocabulary: Plummet- verb fall or drop straight down at high speed


Reflection: This book taught me that no matter what problems you have with people that may annoy you, but you must know that fighting and being as shady as they are, it would just mean that you are just as bad as them. This book was a great way of learning through a cosy read.

#9 Cherry Cheesecake Murder By Joanne Fluke

Book: #9      Pages: 352    Date: 1/2/15

Title: Cherry Cheesecake Murder By Joanne Fluke

Opening Sentence: Dean Lawrence had directed at plenty of locations, but Lake Eden was the worst.


Favorite Sentences: The gun went off and lynne screamed for real. Their director was dead.


Good Vocabulary:

Insistant-adjective insisting on or demanding something; not allowing refusal


Reflection: This book was a great way to have a nice cozy read while still having some mystery to interest you more I think these types of books are a great way to understand mystery books in a nice and comforting way.

#8 Dork Diaries: Tales of a not so happily ever after By Rachel Renee Russell

Book: #9       Pages:296      Date: 1/2/15

Title: Tales of a not so happily ever after     Author: Rachel Renee Russel

Opening Sentence:I can’t believe i overslept! again! Now i’m probably going to be late for school!”


Favorite Sentence: It smelled even worse than it looked. Kind of like peanut butter,jelly and um…rancid pickle juice!



Rancid- adjective (of foods containing fat or oil) smelling or tasting unpleasant as a result of being old and stale.


Reflection: This book was a nice comfy book to read and i liked how they put fantasy into and how her dreams turned into them in gives you the good amount of creativity that if found in a realistic book.