#11 Broadway Lights By Jen Calonita

Title: Broadway Lights (Secrets Of My Hollywood Life Book 5)            Author: Jen Calonita

Date: 1/3/15

Opening Sentence: “I’m Chatty Cathy from Inside Hollywood your source for all things Hollywood and tonight I’m at the premiere of Pretty Young Assassins”

Favorite Sentence:

“I try not to laugh as Cathy’s perky expression changes to a look of pure terror.”

Good Vocabulary:

Blissful-  adjective extremely happy; full of joy

Reflection- This was a cosy book to read but, while it being a nice little read it can still have many moments which makes you question what the character (Kaitlin). This is a book that i would reccomend this book to someone that would like a book that is a book you could read while sitting next to a fireplace.

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