#12 The Daughters By Joanna Philbin

Title: The Daughters (Series Book: 1)        Author: Joanna Philbin

Date: 1/3/15

Opening Sentence: “Katia! Katia! Over here! Over Here!”

Favorite Sentences: Lizzie Summers stood where she usually did when she was out with her mother off to the side hidden in the crowd safely out of frame and watched the worlds most famous supermodel drive the paparazzi crazy.

Favorite Vocabulary:

Luncheon- noun a formal lunch, or a formal word for lunch.

Reflection: This book gives you a good way of seeing what it’s like to be put into a situation where you have no control to be put under, where for lizzie it was having to deal with being under her mothers spotlight when she is trying to make it in the modeling industry.

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