#22 A French Girl In New York

Title: A French Girl In New York             Author: Anna Adams

Opening Sentences: “Okay, I’m done. Now hurry!” the makeup artist cried out. You’re up in two minutes. Don’t you dare mess up your makeup again!”

Favorite Sentences:

“She had craved for friendship and a friendship and a family for a long time. She had even foolishly thought kindness, docility, and seviceablty would win Mrs. Ruchet Over.”


Docile- adjective: ready to accept control or instruction; submissive


The most important part thing that I learned was that we shouldn’t let someone pull us at back from achieving our goals. Like in the story the girl (Maude) was worried about what will happen when she goes back to the house she lives in France because the family, she lives with treats, her like a nanny instead of a human being, so instead of worrying she follows her dreams of being a singer and tells the family she is living within New York about the dilemma.

Cardiac Muscle Model

Cardiac Muscle:

Photo on 18-3-15 at 2.11 pm


In this model, we first wanted to be able to be able to make a functioning model that would show the heart getting bigger and smaller, but what happened was that every time we tried to make it work and take the balloon out of the playdough it would shrink and turn into this:

Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 2.16.20 pm

But we finally learned that we should just make a non-working model and it turned out very good.


Skeletal Muscle Model Video

This Project took a lot of work and we had many problems. The main thing this model does is that when you pump the balloon the arm moves up and when you take the ball on and let it deflate while pumping the other arm it moves the arm down which shows how the arm moves and contracts.

#22 National Geographic Explore The World

Title: Angry Birds Explore The World                Author: National Geographic Kids

Opening Sentence:

“Ready to explore the world? The Angry Birds sure are, and you’re invited.”

Favorite Sentence:

” no one is sure why the koala decided to hitch a ride in the canoe.”


Fragmented- noun:a small part broken off or separated from something


This book taught me about what people do all around the world, it also showed me that each country has something important and cultural things to it.

#21 Thirteen Plus One

Title: Thirteen Plus One           Author: Lauren Myracle

Opening Sentences:

“The thing about birthdays, at least fourteenth birthdays is that they’re more well complex than every single birthday that came before.”

Favorite Sentences:

“She patted her stomach, presumably in the general vicinity of her bladder.”


Askance- adverb: with an attitude or look of suspicion or disapproval


I learned that it is important that we should know that you can’t change the past because you should always live in the moment.

#20 The Big Spell Off

Title: The Big Spell Off         Author: Adeline Foo

Opening Sentence:

“It’s good to be back at school. I was still a little upset with Morticia, so i refused to take the seat beside her.

Favorite Sentence:

“i had to force myself to put aside my jealousy. I wanted so badly to be in the room.”


Diphtheria- noun: an acute and highly contagious bacterial disease causing inflammation of the mucous membranes, formation of a false membrane in the throat which hinders breathing and swallowing, and potentially fatal heart and nerve damage by a bacterial toxin in the blood. It is now rare in developed countries owing to immunisation.


This book taught me that it is important to be yourself and not ket others tell you what to do and what to say because being yourself is the most important thing.

#19 100 Thing To Do Before You Grow Up

Title: 100 Things To Do Before You Grow Up       Author: National Geographic/ Lisa Gerry

Opening Sentence:

“From the moment you’re born, there are about 6,570 days before you’re legally considered an adult.”

Favorite Sentence:

“Laughter Yoga is a type of yoga where participants make themselves laugh.”

“People who run, he says, experience better moods, more energy, better concentration at school and increases confidences and self esteem.”


Retract- verb: draw or be drawn back or back in.


This book taught me that we should use our life to the fullest because all those memories help us enjoy our life better.


#18 The Search For Cinderella

Title: The Search For Cinderella        Author: Alexis Grace

Opening Sentence: Just like most teenagers, I was lounging on the couch at night and watching X-Factor.

Favourite Sentence: The ad break was over and Sophie is still going on about the stupid pop star.

Vocabulary; Fluttered-verb: fly unsteadily or hover by flapping the wings quickly and lightly


This book tells people that you should never judge someone by there cover because you could soon think the complete opposite.