A Rant About Chinese Cinderella

Chinese Cinderella is a book about a coming of age story about a wealthy young girl who is trapped in a life of emotional and physical abuse. She cant escape because everything she owns belongs to them. His family blame the death of her mother on her because the mom died when she was giving birth to adeline.

Adeline has faced so many struggles in her life, many of the things that her family hates her for is piety and down right dumb. What happened to her mom could not be blamed on her. She was just barely born and already her whole family hated her. Adeline was forced to kill her DUCK. Her family’s dog ate the duck in front of her.

Another thing I don’t understand is why her stepmother hated her so much. Without the mother’s death there would be no way the stepmom would even be in the story. So why should she be mad at Adeline when she wouldn’t even be relevant if the mom was gone.

One other thing that is bad in her life is that her siblings all hate her because she is such a good student and sometimes gets praise from her dad. What the siblings don’t understand is that the only time she evers get her father’s approval is when it comes to her studies.

She is so mislove and the only ones that truly love her our her grandpa and aunt. But in the end they all are taken away from her and she is left all alone with nobody to love her.

In conclusion, this story really showed me how life is so unfair, so many kids are mistreated by their families and they seem like they can’t do anything about it. Her being able to share all of this about her family and in the end Adeline won. No matter what her parents and family said she ended up succeeding and not needed the help of her family.

Don’t Even Think About It Infographic

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Literacy Analysis:

Don’t Even Think About It By Sarah Mlynowski

This multimedia shows the key elements in the story, this is an infographic that is a timeline talking about the key events in the story. I state the location of the story and where it takes place. Some of the important details in this story include Mackenzie’s Sweet 16 and when the U.S government pays the teenagers 50 thousand to get rid of the ESP and keep this a secret.

This story is about a group of teenagers that are able to read minds after getting there flu shot. I find this concept to be very interesting and a creative concept. Having all these teenagers have this power that many would die to have, while at the same time they use it to know whether there best friend likes her for silly teenage drama. This story made me smile throughout reading this story and made me enjoy reading more science fiction realistic fiction.


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Used Piktochart to make the infographic