NaNoWriMo Reflection

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– Overall, how did NaNoWriMo go? What went well? What did not go well?

Overall i thought that nanowrimo was a good experience for me to improve in parts of my writing skills. Although the experience was really challenging and required rather a lot of time but it gave me the right motivation to finish as much as possible and i can say that in the end i’m rather proud that i was able to write around 7,000 words.

– What did you learn about yourself? (Did you grow in writing or discipline or any other areas)?

Through this month i was able to mostly discipline myself into whenever i was planning on writing i would write at least 1,000 words which helped me write more and stress less. I wouldn’t say that my writing skills got better but usually when i write short stories i can barely write a page but after nanowrimo i don’t find 2 pages a lot or too much to write anymore. Its helped with improving the quantity in my writing and helped me learn that writing every day isn’t as hard as i thought i would be at the start.

– What is the end result? Are you cleaning up a short part to get published?

My end result is to be able to clean up the novel and make it something decent. I want to make it something that has better word choice and something that in the future i would be fine with reading. Since some aspects of my story was related to myself I would like to keep this story as a keep sake for when i get older. I don’t plan on publishing this story any time soon because at this point the story isn’t developed enough and the storyline may be too complicated. My focus is really to make it a easy and readable novel.