The Swap: Tumblr Posts

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Literacy Analysis:

Title: The Swap By Megan Shull

Genre: Realistic Fiction

This multimedia posts shows important and key events that happen in the book through photos and texts. I state the location and important events such as when Jack and Ellie first switch bodies in the nurse’s office or when they first kiss in the playground in front of all there friends. In the tumblr posts i had put GIFS or images of things that relate to the story for example i have a photo with a smiling face for both depressed and happy. The photo is a example of how when someone like Ellie is struggling with depression and bullying they try to hide it and cover it up.

The story is about how there are two main characters: Ellie and Jack, they both are having a hard time in home life and school. Ellie’s parents had recently gone through a messy divorce and her so called best friend dumped her to become popular. Jack has enormous pressure from brothers and especially his dad. Both wish that they could swap lives with someone else and magically one day in the nurse’s office they swap bodies and lives. Now they have to live a weekend through each others lives and learn how to be yourself in the process of being someone else.


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