Unit 1: Poetry Reflection

How do poets and poetry invite us to see, feel, and experience the world?

Poets use their poetry to convey a certain experience that they want the readers to feel and understand. Through their poetry we should be able to come out of it with a certain idea of what they are trying to say. The message of the poem however could be interpreted differently by the readers, because there could be multiple interpretations. Poets invite the readers to use the words they choose as a base line of the type of themes the poet is trying to show. But since it’s an invitation, the reader can choose to interpret the poem in any form that they desire. By merely sharing their poetry, they are already opening the doors for people to see, feel and experience.

Can I invite others in to see the world through my own original poetry?

I think that for me, it was all about being brave enough to have someone listen to my poetry. Writing has always been a very personal ritual that I do to help my anxiety. So, the mere fact of sharing my poetry with other people scares me, because it’s like I’m opening the gate for anyone to see how I truly feel. But through this unit, I learned that poetry is a way of outsourcing your feelings.  Which by sharing to my community, it helps my readers to understand me better.