A Rant About Chinese Cinderella

Chinese Cinderella is a book about a coming of age story about a wealthy young girl who is trapped in a life of emotional and physical abuse. She cant escape because everything she owns belongs to them. His family blame the death of her mother on her because the mom died when she was giving birth to adeline.

Adeline has faced so many struggles in her life, many of the things that her family hates her for is piety and down right dumb. What happened to her mom could not be blamed on her. She was just barely born and already her whole family hated her. Adeline was forced to kill her DUCK. Her family’s dog ate the duck in front of her.

Another thing I don’t understand is why her stepmother hated her so much. Without the mother’s death there would be no way the stepmom would even be in the story. So why should she be mad at Adeline when she wouldn’t even be relevant if the mom was gone.

One other thing that is bad in her life is that her siblings all hate her because she is such a good student and sometimes gets praise from her dad. What the siblings don’t understand is that the only time she evers get her father’s approval is when it comes to her studies.

She is so mislove and the only ones that truly love her our her grandpa and aunt. But in the end they all are taken away from her and she is left all alone with nobody to love her.

In conclusion, this story really showed me how life is so unfair, so many kids are mistreated by their families and they seem like they can’t do anything about it. Her being able to share all of this about her family and in the end Adeline won. No matter what her parents and family said she ended up succeeding and not needed the help of her family.

Don’t Even Think About It Infographic

Untitled Infographic



Literacy Analysis:

Don’t Even Think About It By Sarah Mlynowski

This multimedia shows the key elements in the story, this is an infographic that is a timeline talking about the key events in the story. I state the location of the story and where it takes place. Some of the important details in this story include Mackenzie’s Sweet 16 and when the U.S government pays the teenagers 50 thousand to get rid of the ESP and keep this a secret.

This story is about a group of teenagers that are able to read minds after getting there flu shot. I find this concept to be very interesting and a creative concept. Having all these teenagers have this power that many would die to have, while at the same time they use it to know whether there best friend likes her for silly teenage drama. This story made me smile throughout reading this story and made me enjoy reading more science fiction realistic fiction.


“Login | Piktochart.” Login | Piktochart. N.p., n.d. Web. 14 Oct. 2015.


Used Piktochart to make the infographic

The List “Text To Self”

I’ll be comparing myself to Abby. Abby is a freshman and was voted the prettiest in freshman year. She was rather happy about being called the prettiest but she wasn’t able to enjoy it for long because she was scared her sister would judge her and she really cared what her sister thought about her. Her sister Fern is very smart and is looked at by others as the smart sister. Each sister believes that they can only be pretty or only smart but really both sisters think the other one is smart and pretty.

Comparing this to myself, I think that society tells girls that they can either be pretty or smart, they can’t be both which i think is untrue. Just because the beauty standards of the world calls this girl pretty doesn’t mean that she can’t be smart too. One thing that i thought was interesting in the book was the fact that both girls believe that they are just pretty or just smart but really they believe that there sister is both. People tend to judge others by there looks and they assume that they cant be more than that.

Assumption is a problem that our world faces, we tend to believe that since this girl is considered beautiful means that she can’t do anything else and that the girl relies on her looks for her own gain. While girls that aren’t as pretty only rely on her brains to move up in life but really thats not always the case. Abby assumes that she can only be considered pretty and there’s no point in trying to be as smart as her sister, even though if she tried she could be.

The List By the Siobhan Vivian

My Visual/Playlist is based on the character Sarah who was named the ugliest girl in Sophomore Year in her school, she has been named this since freshman year and has decided to screw what they say and TRY to be herself.

Song: Run The World (Girls) Artist: Beyonce

I think this song is a good representation of Sarah at the beginning because at that point she didn’t care what others thought and actually wrote Ugly on her forehead the day the list came out. The song is about how girls rule the world and shouldn’t be shut down just because they’re different.

Song: Girl On Fire Artist: Alicia Keys, Nicki Minaj

This song is about how Alicia Keys felt misunderstood and wanted to break free and I think that this fits perfectly for Sarah because everyone just thinks she’s crazy when she’s really a misunderstood teen girl that wants people to think she’s strong when she really isn’t and just feels weak on the inside.

Song: Drops of Jupiter Artist: Train

This is song is actually about the death of his mother but the pain and loss the singer was feeling is similar to whats happening with Sarah. I think that after 3 years of being called ugly by everyone she lossed herself and hasn’t been able to be anything but ugly and she’s let what others called her change who she is and has fallen into a label.

Song: Young and Beautiful Artist: Lana Del Rey

Basically the song is asking if someone will love them forever no matter how old or not beautiful they feel. And this fits with how Sarah is feeling because she believes that no one will ever love her because of the label people have given her.

Song: Beautiful Artist: Christina Aguilera

The artist has been through alot and people keep telling her she’s not good enough and that she isn’t “beautiful” but in the end the artist is telling all her fans that no matter what others are saying u be yourself and words won’t bring you down because you are stronger. This fits what sarah should be feeling and she should love herself

Song: Bad Blood Artist: Taylor Swift

The song is about having “bad blood” with the artists ex but for Sarah it seems like she has bad blood with everyone in her school and it just seems like it’s her against the world

Song: I’m Not That Girl Artist: Kristin Chenoweth

This song fits perfectly with  Sarah because in the song she is talking about how the boy will never love her because of her imperfections and that relates well to how sarah feels. She believes that no one could love her because of what others

Song: She Will Be Loved Artist: Maroon 5

This song is about how the girl keeps taking an advantage of a guy and every time something bad happens in one of her relationships she goes back to him but he loves her no matter what and that what Sarah deserves.

Song: When Your Gone Artist: Avril Lavigne

I interpret that this is a song about losing someone. And if i’m relating this to Sarah even when she leaves high school she’s never going to forget what happened to her and the students have pulled her self esteem to the floor.



My Independent Book Project

Don’t Even Think About It by Sarah Mlynowski, follows a high school homeroom that ends but with ESP after getting there flu shots. At the start they believed it would be gone the next day, but that didn’t happen. Now all of a sudden they can all hear what everyone is thinking, there is no more secrets. There friends, parents, crushes thoughts are now available for them to hear and it can either benefit or hurt them. Secrets such as Mackenzie cheating on Cooper is known by all of them or that Tess is in love with her best friend, Teddy. Now that they have there secret powers, they can sit next to the smartest one in there class and ace there test or know exactly what people are saying about you. 

This book is quite different from average young novel books, sure there is cheesy plots (girlfriend, cheating, divorce,  crushes, etc) but the concept of being able to read everyone’s mind is different. But while there are good things there are downsides such as the theory behind the fact that cooper didn’t get the ESP until after everyone else they tried to say it was because he was lactose and tolerant. But another reason this book is a good read is because It not only focused on one person as the main character but circles around multiple characters as the main character. In conclusion if your looking for a book that has fiction elements but also has paranormal included this book is for you. (4 stars)

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#29 Kidnap my heart

Title: Kidnap my heart    Author:Alexandria Michelle

Opening Sentence:

You know how people in movies always seem to know when their lives are about to change?

Favorite Sentence:

I looked up in alarm and saw the smirking face of my kidnapper. His face would have made me a lot angrier had it not been terribly swollen, thanks to yours truly.


Squint- look at someone or something with one or both eyes partly closed in an attempt to see more clearly or as a reaction to strong light.


Even if the way you meet someone is considered odd or not normal doesn’t mean your relationship must become weird you can still be friends

Alexandria Michelle

Alexandria Michelle

#28 All Boys Have Cooties

Title: All boys have cooties   Author: Molly

Opening Sentence:

i walk up to the desk of a pretty brunette women and smile, shifting the strap of the backpack before speaking “Jane Trevor’s”  i say polietly

Favorite Sentence:

Jane Trevors was the tomboy of her town. In kindergarden she was the first one to climb up to the top of the play ground structure.


Aimlessly- When you do something aimlessly, you have no plan or purpose.


You don’t have to fall to stereotypes its more important to be yourself than do act like someone your not


#27 Battle of the Captains

Title: Battle of the Captains   Author:Katrina Isabel

Opening Sentence.

I was off to the class that i have been dreading all day. Gym class.

Favorite Sentence:

I thought i wouldn’t need to hear the word boyfriend for another ten years my oldest brother complained


Succumbed-fail to resist pressure, temptation, or some other negative force.


Its not a bad thing to change your mind about someone because what can happen is that you want to believe something about someone but u then end up getting to know the person and liking there personality

#26 The Presidents Daughter

Title: The Presidents Daughter    Author: Kade

Opening Sentence: Puh- lease. Taylor Launter is so much hotter than Channing Tatum any dat said my best and only friend Holly

Favorite Sentence:

I let out a sigh, burying my head in the pillow and wondered if school was how movies and  books portrayed it to be.


Assumption- An assumption is something that you assume to be the case, even without proof.


To embrace yourself no matter who you are or who your parents are or whatever which is a great life lesson.