The Swap “Wordle”

Title: The Swap         Author: Megan Shull

Genre: Realistic Fiction/ Science Fiction

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Jack’s Main Characteristics:

Sporty: After Jack’s mother died his father has pushed him to his absolute limits. He trains everyday, early in the morning and goes to practice every week. Hockey is his passion and he wants to be in the NHL one day.

Stressed: Jack has enormous pressure from his dad and brothers. He’s the youngest son and want to make his family proud. He feels like if he does not do well he will be disappointing his father.

Respectful: His father taught him that he should be polite and respectful to others. His dad was a Army Sergeant and took no nonsense from his sons. His dad is very into rules and cares that everything is in order and that none of his sons are disrespectful.

quote from book: “In the captains world, this means my answer was not acceptable. I need to try again. “I wil try to be more respectful of your time by being on time?” I say. The Swap Page 9

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Ellie’s Main Characteristics:

Anxious: She is always anxious because of her old friend Sassy. Ever since Sassy had made a new more popular friend she has been bullying Ellie and making fun of her. Ellie is afraid to be herself and stand up to Sassy and from that she can’t express her true feelings.

Introvert: Ellie prefers being alone and reading a book over going to a party. She doesn’t have a group anymore after Sassy ditched her so shes used to being alone. Sometimes she enjoys it but after a while she gets lonely.

Smart: Since she doesn’t have a whole lot going on in her social life she dives herself into her studies. She writes about her feelings and true emotions.

quote from book: “It doesn’t feel good to listen, even when it’s not about you. i am getting the worse feeling inside.” The Swap Page 3

*all of these characteristics only apply to the characters before they switch bodies.

The story is about how there are two main characters: Ellie and Jack, they both are having a hard time in home life and school. Ellie’s parents had recently gone through a messy divorce and her so called best friend dumped her to become popular. Jack has enormous pressure from brothers and especially his dad. Both wish that they could swap lives with someone else and magically one day in the nurse’s office they swap bodies and lives. Now they have to live a weekend through each others lives and learn how to be yourself in the process of being someone else.

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