Occupy Central action

_hkg09_4604439512th day of Hong Kong’s protests.


Today is the 12th day of the Hong Kongs Protests and both sides refuse to step down. In the picture that I gave you, you can see a guy eating his lunch on the barrricade. the protests are slightly going down in the next picture that I am going to show you. altaplvqbceoanzsslqa3gfmz7z8u0cncvtb84ormaxpcq-

But the Occupy Action has not given up as the barricades are still up, and the Hong Kongers still want that Full democracy, at this stage, I think that China and the government would win the Protest. Right now the Anaconda stratergy is being used against Hong Kong. Hong Kong still wants CYLeung to step down but China will not do that for they fear that it would make them look weak, andif they do what they did in Tiananmen, The world would be horriffied at China. So there is still a huge stand off right now…

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  1. Alexander S says:

    You did a good job. You said what you needed to say. Good job.

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