Immune system picture

1. What body system did you pick to build as a working model (7th grade)?

Me, Malcom, and Alex had decided to do the Immune system for our working model

2. Why have you decided to build this body system as a working model (7th grade)?

We wanted to do nervous system but then we decided against it because we did not know how we might represent it.

3. What materials are you going to need to complete your build  (7th grade)?

I think that we are going to need:

  1. Cardboard 1.5m X 0.5m : We need a base to put the stuff on
  2. Plastic bars X 4 1.5m in length each : To make the cardboard stand up
  3. Spring clips large size (click here to see picture) X 34
  4. String: We need a thing for the pathogen and cell to swing on.



For Science we had to present our work to the class and record it. This is what we recorded.


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  1. Ken R says:

    Hello Min Kyu,

    Here are the second blog questions:

    1. Who is in your group and what has been your role in the group in terms of taking initiative to successfully select and complete your group’s project?
    2. How do you feel about how you have learned new knowledge in doing this project?
    3. How has your group overcome problems or difficulties in accomplishing your task?

    Ken Rohrs

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