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Today in class we had two weird and awkward things that we had to do. They were based on what we would like to have in our life as a perfect mate . And also what our parents want for us in our lives by way of a happy life long partner.

Now, IF  I wanted a girlfriend I will let you know. The problem is that I think I might get a little lonely if I am left on my own all the time because nobody else wants to talk to me.

In view of this it might be helpful to find somebody nice that I like.

I would like it if my future life partner was pretty and if she also has a good heart this will be good.


My parents, on the other hand, think that : a cute girl that is talkative…( i don’t know why they said that) My mom wanted someone who would support me and would be more like what Im not, ( Organised, can cook.?????? and a whole bunch of other things that I am not.



Act 1 Scene 1

-thunb bite

-big fight

-will punish with death if again.

-romeo comes

– romeo sad

-likes girl

-hates dad


Act 1 Scene 2

-intro to juliet and paris

-tells paris about the list of people who come to the call

Act 1 Scene 3

– mom tells juliet about paris.

-juliet is like ummmm ok… ill see to that

Act 1 Scene 4

-mercutio persuades juliet to go the ball

-makes fun of romeos dream

Act 1 SCene 5

– Romepo goes to party

-romeo and juliet kiss and love each other

Act 2 Scene 1

– eaves party and dodges friends

-climbs over fencec to juliets house

Act 2 Scene 2

-tells romeo to meet a messenger at 9

-really long good bye

Act 2 Scene 3

-goes to friar lawerence to ask to get married

Act 2 Scene 4

-commends romeo to juliet.

-meets the nurse

Act 2 Scene 5

-nurse tells juliet yes

-go to friar at noon

Act 2 Scene 6

-Gets married

Act 3 Scene 1

-tybalt wants to fight romeo but fights mercution instead

-tybalt kills mercutio

-romeo mad

-romeo kill tybalt

Act 3 Scene 2

-“stuff” happens

-they say good bye

-wonder if they will meet again

Act 3 Scene 3

-Julet does not want to marry paris

-Nurse is told by juliet to tell her parents that she is gone

Act 4 SCENE 1

– Juliet seeks friar for help

-FriR GIVES JULIET POISON THAT puts her in submission for 40 hours

– friar says he would give romeo a letter

Act 4 Scene 2

-tells dad that she wants to marry paris

-dad moves it p

-Juliet drinks the poison

Act4 Scene 3


-servant of romeo passes the mailman and goes toRomeo to tell him what happened

Act5 Scene 1

-Slow Friar

-the servant tekks Rimei tgat Juliet is dead and Rimei tales off








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This is a Frameanalysis i did with Alex Smith


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