I love social studies!

My Unit 1 Badge…

You accomplished something great but you misunderstood what you found. If you’re in this category then I hope you know what you can improve. Contact me if you want some help with strategies to improve.
I hope that I can improve so I can get into Ferdinand magellan or maybe the Bartolome dude

I was given this category for there was many things that I misunderstood.

I think that this unit was fun because we got to learn how to use a map, and I like that because I know how to use a map to find out the information when I use a map. I learned that there are many ways that a Map maker can show information on a map, I learned about thematic maps and how people can use it to help them. In class we go on current events websites like CNN and BBC and write a bit about the current event that was going on. Later on, in Day 5s, we play a game where MR.Pierce asks us a question about a random current event, and the team that answers the most questions right wins the game.

So, My goal so I can either get into the Ferdinand Magellan or the Bartolome dude, I have to try to plan out the writing before I do the writing and finish it before the time is up, so I can edit and revise when I finish my work


Min Kyu Park HKIS

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Blog post #2

Summarizing my learning…

I Know that this unit is going to be about the growing population of China and how the leaders of china dealt with it over the year, like how Mao zi dong is trying to get a zero population growth state by allowing parents only to have one child each, so that is probably why some of the mainlanders come to Hong Kong.

Aiming for what badge and how…

I am aiming for Ferdinand of or the Bartolome guy because I have Columbus badge right now, I can acheive this by practicing my longitude and my latitude from time to time

Specific goal for Unit 2…

My goal is to make my work habits all consistent and to master longitude and latitude. So I can map better.


Yeah, um about that, yeah, it went fineish. At least I survived it without getting myself killed