April 21st- Autonomous Runs

Today was the second day of autonomous runs. Today on the first round, we had our claw go the wrong direction because last class we burnt out an ESC. We put in the new ESC and made it go the right direction in code, but forgot to also do that to the autonomous program. Before our second run of the day I went into the program and fixed it so that the second run would go smooth. As we hoped, it worked. The autonomous worked, however I am slightly worried as our vehicle goes very vast, allowing for little precision while trying to manually pick up a ball comparatively to what is the usual.

March 22nd

Today we spent the duration of class being tortured. Oops, I meant taking a summative. Well, same difference. We had  to take commands such as void robotTurn(int turningTimeMSec) and throw it into sample code and have it effectively control the robot, and we could test this using either an actual squarebot, or the computers virtual world, where there are not so real robots that act upon the code that you feed it. I have not had the best of luck on my test, However I hope to be able to get another chance on it once I have learnt more, as he said it was a very real and possible opportunity. At this point in time I cannot infuse the commands, however I used to code a little so I feel as though with time and effort, I will be able to fulfill the necessities to do well in this class, as it is both fun, and rewarding when you somehow manage to do the unthinkable; succeed.

Feb 29th

Today in class we used a shaft encoder and tried to complete the course in the classroom. Another thing that we were to complete was make a six step instructional how to on how shaft encoders are to be used and programmed using RobotC.

Feb 19th

Today, something that we did was try to learn more in depth about shaft encoders. I feel as though I understand them, but for some reason they do not always work. Its as though my lines of code are null. We are also trying to go around a course, however for the first time it is not digital; it was a real life code. It is a course on the ground that we have to try and follow, and so far we have been doing well. However, We are yet to test it, we have only just started both writing code and getting measurements for the course. Hopefully our measurements were accurate enough!

February 17th

Today in robotics we worked on how to program our squarebots, something many of us are unfarmiliar with. The point of today was to try and help us get more comfortable with the software and how to program the robots so that in the future we would be able to do it and apply it to later classes, where we are actually using the real robots.

February 16

Today in robotics class we played a game that is called Expedition Atlantis. Simply put you are in control of a robot who is using degrees of angle and typing in values for both turning and forward distance in the form of a given variable. Every now and then the variables change, making it harder to do calculations. For example, the turning variable was 6.25. Not easy to multiply and divide… However, besides that it was quite fun, and I learned quite a lot! This was also quite similar to programming a robot in the way that you plug in a variable, and hope that you got wheel rotations, etc. correct!

Feb 2nd

Today we worked on the squarebot, but instead of being hands on with it we were hands on with the software it uses and teaching others. We were asked to create six steps to teach people how to run a sample program. Here are the first three steps:

6 step

This was todays agenda.

Project Three Reflection

For project three we had free range to whatever we wanted to make. Pretty much the only requirement was that it had to bring attention to a product, or a message. I decided to do something that I had a lot of passion in. Something I genuinely really loved to do, and would have no problem making. My descision was biking. Reason being it is a major passion as me. In the end, this was the finished project:

Next time I would probably make sure that I timed everything well ahead of time, instead of bringing it down to the line. Overall, I have thoroughly enjoyed spending time in this class.

Film and Media Arts P2B

We were asked to as a project, make an advertisement that was about any subject. It was up to us what we wanted to add. So I decided that I wanted to be creative.

For my next project, I plan on trying to do one on the topic of biking. I want to show the sport for what it is, the core ideas, and help people to understand why I find it so fun. To reflect on this, I would have to say that I did a good job in making sure to stay on schedule, as far as how long each clip is, but something that I think I would have benefitted from is making sure that each and every clip had the exact same volume. The reason I say this is because I did try, but I feel like I could benefit from making sure to be more exact.