What we learned-August 25, 2017

Data Types:

Today we learned about data types and their importance. If you were to enter one, the computer won’t know what kind of one it is. Is it 1, ‘1’, or “one”? Therefore, data types are used to indicate what kind of data that is. And some of those types we studied today include integers, doubles, floats, and booleans.

Integers store whole, positive or negative values. They range from around negative two million to positive two million.

Booleans store whether something is true or false.

Doubles store decimal point numbers. Floats do the same thing, however, doubles are more precise than floats. When you use floats, computers store those values in scientific notation, except the base is two. In doing so, we humans use are not represented in the same way through a computer. For example, 0.1 is actually 0.0001100011…and it actually goes on forever. But not only that, computers only store a certain amount of digits after the decimal. So some numbers may get cut off. They just don’t understand recursion in the same way people do.


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