1. “Ignorance is Bliss” (
    In this scene, try to explain what’s happening in Cypher’s mind when he “tasted” the beef. How is it similar to a class and an object?
  • Object=car, house, person, dog (structures with states/behaviors) 
    • Objects contain properties (state): colour, size, etc
    • Objects contain behaviours: what actions it can do
      • example: object=dog,
  • Objects in programming:
    • behaviours=represented by methods 
    • states=represented by variables 
    • objects are organized into classes
    • objects=instances (instances of a class) 
    • data in object=instance variables 
    • objects in same class have the same properties, the properties only have different values
  • Classes=blueprints, template to make the object
    • Specifies variables that go in the object, how an object of this class should be created
    • doesn’t actually define any data
  • The mind is like computer reading the code.
  • The beef is the object. It has many properties, for instance, the juiciness, the taste, and the colour. 
  • And the class in this situation could be food or meat. But overall, it has to be something so that a bunch other things in the matrix have many things in similar with the steak. 
  1. The Gun scene (
    Are the guns in this scene “real”? What was the operator doing in this scene for Neo and Trinity? Explain the processing using the OOP concept.
  • Object oriented programming: just a style of computer programming
    • Centered around using objects 
  • The operator was adding guns into the program, which are not real. But they are real enough so they behave like the object in real life. In the end though, it’s just code.
  • So the operator created a class. It was probably defined as something like guns, and the objects under the class were the types of guns. 
  1. “The Constrcut” (
    What is the “Construct”? In java there’s something with a similar name called  constructor”. Describe both the “Contract” (In the movie Matrix) and the “constructor” in Java language. Explain the function of a “constructor” in a class.
  • According to the Matrix, the construct is the loading program.
  • Constructors are used to initialise (assign values) variables of objects in java


There are other reference to a computer system in the Matrix Trilogy (The Matrix, The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolution). Try to explain how they correspond to modern computer system.

  • The Merovingian
  • Agent Smith-virus
  • The Keymaker
  • The Trainman
  • The Architect
  • The Oracle

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