post test reflection (Unit 2-Classes and Objects)


  • I forgot to include the main method (just a careless mistake)
  • I have to work on declaration of variables, get and set statements, private and public variables, the whole application of super classes, inheritance, and sub classes, use of super();
  • My biggest take aways:
    • What I didn’t understand specifically is why we use get and set statements. So to be honest, the reason why I didn’t do very well on those parts is because I didn’t think it was necessary as long as you declare all instances as public. But now it has been clarified that on the AP exam and in programming in general, instance variables should almost always be private. Thus, getters and setters are needed to set or get the value of these instance variables.
    • Now, I also better understand how to use super() (it is still not 100% clear though). Generally, it is used when you want to use methods (especially for constructors, which can’t be inherited with just the key word extends) of the superclass.

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