1. “Ignorance is Bliss” (
    In this scene, try to explain what’s happening in Cypher’s mind when he “tasted” the beef. How is it similar to a class and an object?
  • Object=car, house, person, dog (structures with states/behaviors) 
    • Objects contain properties (state): colour, size, etc
    • Objects contain behaviours: what actions it can do
      • example: object=dog,
  • Objects in programming:
    • behaviours=represented by methods 
    • states=represented by variables 
    • objects are organized into classes
    • objects=instances (instances of a class) 
    • data in object=instance variables 
    • objects in same class have the same properties, the properties only have different values
  • Classes=blueprints, template to make the object
    • Specifies variables that go in the object, how an object of this class should be created
    • doesn’t actually define any data
  • The mind is like computer reading the code.
  • The beef is the object. It has many properties, for instance, the juiciness, the taste, and the colour. 
  • And the class in this situation could be food or meat. But overall, it has to be something so that a bunch other things in the matrix have many things in similar with the steak. 
  1. The Gun scene (
    Are the guns in this scene “real”? What was the operator doing in this scene for Neo and Trinity? Explain the processing using the OOP concept.
  • Object oriented programming: just a style of computer programming
    • Centered around using objects 
  • The operator was adding guns into the program, which are not real. But they are real enough so they behave like the object in real life. In the end though, it’s just code.
  • So the operator created a class. It was probably defined as something like guns, and the objects under the class were the types of guns. 
  1. “The Constrcut” (
    What is the “Construct”? In java there’s something with a similar name called  constructor”. Describe both the “Contract” (In the movie Matrix) and the “constructor” in Java language. Explain the function of a “constructor” in a class.
  • According to the Matrix, the construct is the loading program.
  • Constructors are used to initialise (assign values) variables of objects in java


There are other reference to a computer system in the Matrix Trilogy (The Matrix, The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolution). Try to explain how they correspond to modern computer system.

  • The Merovingian
  • Agent Smith-virus
  • The Keymaker
  • The Trainman
  • The Architect
  • The Oracle

Prejudice Blog Reflection Post

Write a blog post on your hkis wordpress site reflecting on the first four lessons of the unit and on your classmates’ presentations.

What did you learn about identity, stereotypes, prejudice, and racism?

From our first four lessons of the unit and your classmates presentation, generally, I learned about what identity, prejudice, racism, and stereotype meant. Before this unit, I actually had no understanding about what racism and prejudice meant. I’ve heard of them but I didn’t actually know what those two words meant. But for all four of those words, even if I’ve heard of some of them I’ve gained a better understanding of what those words mean. Something else that I learned from this unit is how identity, stereotypes, prejudice, and racism all connect to each other.

Make sure that your reflection responds to the following questions.

  1. How does race shape the way we see ourselves and others?

  2. Our race shapes the way we see ourselves and others because of the stereotypes, prejudice, racism, and how ourselves and people look at our identity. When someone from another race looks at another race, for example, a white looking at african-americans, what do they see? The things that people in each race seem to have in common starts the brain making assumptions that everyone is like blank. Sometimes those things in common within a race are bad, so when you hear about the bad thing, whenever you walk by an african-american, where people say they are criminals, thats the way your going to look at african-americans. Influences around us whether its the news, movies, and other sorts of media, will change the way we think and how we see someone else. 
  3. To what extent do our ideas about race influence the choices we make?

  4. If people were to think someone is inferior and a bad person because of prejudice and stereotypes it can prevent you from doing things because your worried of how people are going to think about you. For example, Jesus Colon wanted to help this lady on the train because she looked like she needed help managing everything she was carrying with her such as her kids and a suitcase. However, he stopped himself from helping the lady because he was scared that she would call the police, receive beatings, the lady screaming, etc since he was of another race. Another way race influences the choices we make is how we are going to treat others. Some people see other races inferior to themselves……Not done

Current Events Occupy Hong Kong

It all started when the people of Hong Kong finally started to protest about being able to freely choose their next leader. Protesters demand that the chief executive to step down. Thousands of protesters have been blocking some of the streets of Hong Kong, which has caused buildings like schools and banks to close down.  A few weeks ago the police used pepper spray and tear gas against the people but the protesters have managed to stay calm. In the past week the crowds are starting to shrink because people are starting to turn against them. Small and big shops in Mong Kok have said that they are loosing money and starting to run out of business. The crowds have also started to become more violent and all of this is beginning to effect people’s lives. In addition, student protest leaders and Hong Kong’s chief secretary are planning to meet this Friday, officials say.

I think that Hong Kong will have to face the consequences, so I don’t think they will win.  To add onto my opinion I think that what Hong Kong is protesting for is fine but the way they are handling the situations isn’t so good. In the paragraph above I briefly explained that the crowds are shrinking. Businesses are starting to get worst and many places have been closed down. “At first, I supported them, but then I started to think they are being selfish because they block the roads — and that’s wrong,” said Virginia Lai, who has sold newspapers from a stall in the busy district of Mong Kok for 45 years from CNN. Its creating difficulties for everyone and the economy is already starting to go down, which could result in a lot of people loosing jobs. And I agree with Virginia Lai that it is a bit selfish. To conclude I’m not sure if China will back down from their decisions due to the fact when the Tiananmen square massacre in 1987 occurred. In the end of that event China had sent troops to the protesters and even ran over them with tanks. Its possible that the protestors could suffer the same fate but maybe not as bad as the actual massacre.

I’m pretty sure there are articles out there that will explain the question I’m about to ask. What I’m wondering is why won’t China specifically let Hong Kong have the democracy? I believe we should all be free to choose our leaders. China is going to have to say something about this sooner or later because by the looks of it things might get worst. Both sides know what could happen if this goes on or maybe they don’t. If they did why are they letting it slowly happen? I can kind of see it as a force to make the other side give in but I want to know more specifically why. People are loosing jobs, whats going to happen to the economy? Its really going to cause a lot of trouble and now I’m wondering how these situations are going to be handled. To find out I am going to talk about it with other people like my mom and dad and try googling about what really is going on.


Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 8.30.27 PM                  LnvhR8ED


Unit 1 Summary

What did I learn overall?

I learned how geography has influenced the lives of Native Americans. I read how they used their resources to their advantage and some of the difficulties that they may have faced, using the TCI textbook. Besides the TCI textbook, to help build understanding I used something called the KTW chart. It helped me develop ideas about Native Americans and why by only thinking on my own. Even though, some of my ideas were wrong I ended up learning new things and it helped build connections in the unit.


In this unit I found reading the textbook very boring because it didn’t help me learn information in an active way. It was hard to remember what I needed to know, especially when theres so many tribes to remember. But I did find other way to learn things using the textbooks resources. Although, reading the textbook wasn’t the best I still managed to have fun and be engaged while learning about Native Americans.


For this unit I got the first nation badge. I agree with the badge I got from Mr Pierce because my grades had a very consistent pattern of ME’s. But I’m not sure if it means that I went above my learning, it’s the only part I’m not sure about. In addition to my grades so far I have had a very good consistent work habits, which also reflects on why I got gold for this badge.

What did work and what didn’t:

When preparing for the Native Americans summative I decided to use something called the 5-day study plan. It is a plan where you cut your studying into five days and on those five days you might of made study cards, write down some questions, Make your own problem, etc. My studying didn’t get crammed and ended up creating less stress for me when I had to face the test. However, not all the strategies I used work. One example could be when I was using and making study cards. I found that it didn’t really help me remember information because it felt like I was reading off another text book even though what was written on the study cards were very short. It was better than reading off a textbook but in the future I will look for a new strategy.

Learning Goal:

I found from this unit that if theres too much information to remember it will get difficult. So for the next unit I want to make it a goal to review what I learned in social studies for at least 10 minutes. Sometimes I learn something in class but then just forget about it and start worrying about it later when I need to know that piece of information. From now on when I feel like I need to review when I get home from school I will look back at the resources I was give at class or what I read in the TCI textbook and write a summary of what I learned.

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