Government unit

How do you feel you did on the Government unit? This includes the PSA as well as Tests.

I think I did better than I expected. After taking the chapter six summative I struggled to comprehend what my next plan was going to be because I just wasn’t sure what to do. So I had to try something new and I wasn’t going to find out if I did well or not till after the test. When I got my results I was happy and felt confident that I could continue this in the upcoming test.

For the PSA I had trouble being able to paraphrase and even understand what the articles I was reading saying. But I found the PSA to be one of my favourite projects in the entire middle school curriculum.


What would you do differently next time?

Next time, I would study more efficiently not longer because for every test coming up I studied for more than an hour a night which when I say it now sounds ridiculous. Every day as each test got closer, I became more anxious but when I took the test I found it wasn’t so bad, of course there were still some parts that made me stressed. But overall, it was fine.

What study strategies worked best for you?

Acronyms and silly sentences help me remember some short yet key information. I also had trouble studying from my notes so I categorised it onto a note card with only key information and it really helped. Another thing that really helped me was making test questions, and it made it feel like I was taking a second test on the day of the summative.

What study strategies didn’t work for you?

After, the first summative I really learned that reading your notes over and over again does not help nor work because number one its not an efficient way to memorise information and number two everything can slip out of your head the next day. I knew already that it wasn’t a good strategy to use, but I never stopped using it until now because my test grades did not reflect on that. Something else that didn’t work for me wasn’t really a study strategy but it was essential when it came to studying, my notes. During the chapter six unit, I took notes digitally on easybib, which did not give me a lot of freedom to organize and play around with my notes so that its set up in a way where I could understand it clearly.

This is the note taking technique I used after chapter 6 and it really helped 😀 Far more better than easybib, in my opinion.

Next time theres a test I will prepare by….

Making study cards that have been made by the categorisation strategy and a mix of study card strategy. However, first I would look over my notes, revise, and ask any questions that I have on my mind. Any key words that are hard to remember will be put into an acronym or silly sentence that I will make. In addition, I didn’t mention this yet but I actually talked through my notes as well with someone by either teaching my sibling everything I know or by just talking to myself. This helps me so that I know how to phrase my answers for the summative. And of course I would use the MYOP strategy for the same reason.