Rube Goldberg Machine

The point of our Rube Goldberg machine was to bring anything to your chair without getting up. The person sitting would push a small car down a ramp at a small angle so the car would not have too much potential energy to push the dominos out of the way. This was our first transfer. When the car rolled down the ramp, there was a gravitational energy transfer. Then, the kinetic energy that was in the car was transferred to the dominos to push them down. After the car pushed down the dominos, they fell down which was also a gravitational energy transfer. The kinetic energy that was in the dominos was enough to tip the weight balanced on the dominos to fall down and hit the scissor. This was also a gravitational energy transfer. The scissor cut the string that was wrapped around the metal pole of the zip line keeping the cup with the phone from going down the zip line. After the string was cut, the string unraveled and flew down to your chair. Unfortunately, we were not able to have a third energy transfer because we were short on time. We were going to shoot a rubber band at the car to make it move so the rubber band would be elastic potential but we forgot. However, we did have 5 transfers.

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