PBL – Final Reflection

VIA Strengths: Which ones did you see in yourself during PBL? How and why?

I saw perseverance in myself. This is our project didn’t work even though we tried multiple plans. Although the first, second, third, fourth etc. plans didn’t work, we continued to try and make the battery work to light up an LED. I also saw teamwork in myself. This is because our group always worked together to try and make the plan work. Most of the time, no one was doing nothing. Everyone was always doing one part of the plan.

Why is collaboration and teamwork important in problem solving?

I think that it is important in problem solving because you have different people thinking of solutions. If you work by yourself, you may look over a key part of the problem. Furthermore, if you work with different people, they may find a creative or more effective way to figure out the problem. The more effective way could save you a lot of time and energy. If people work together in problem solving, you may be able to solve the problem faster because you have multiple brains thinking about the same problem.

Which video do you like the most? Why?

I liked this video because I think that it summed up my PBL group. If the Adrienne, Julia and me worked alone but on the same project, we wouldn’t have a lot of ideas on how to progress if our apparatus didn’t work. We wouldn’t have found different plans for the battery. Because we worked together, we were able to stand together as a group and try to solve the problem. Although in the video, the ants, crabs and penguins succeeded, unlike us, they had to work together. Adrienne, Julia and I worked together and we were close to finishing our project we had more time and the right materials.

PBL Blog Update 1

1). Where have we been?

Julia, Adrienne and I have decided to build a lamp that is powered by a homemade battery. The homemade battery is an aluminium can that has two thick rubber bands around it and encircled with a thin copper sheet. Around the aluminium can and copper is a salt and water solution. We have a draft of the blueprint on what we want our project to be.

2). Where are we going?

We are going to finish getting our materials for our project such as the thin copper sheets and the wooden board. Then, we are going to drill small holes to hold the lights and test the salt to water ratio to light the lightbulb. We may need to spend more time figuring out the salt to water ratio to make the battery function correctly.

3). Materials? Who’s doing what?


5 alligator clips
4 copper sheets
4 containers
4 aluminium cnas
8 thick rubber hair ties
24 (at least) tablespoons of salt
1 wooden board
4 lightbulbs
1 metal stand

Adrienne will be getting the containers, Julia will be getting the aluminium cans and rubber hair ties, and I will be getting the thin copper sheets. The rest of the materials can be provided by the school. We will all help to build our project.