EQ 8: How have I grown? How can re-examine a body of work over a length of time aid in my understanding of my growth?

Starting off in AP LIT I struggled to understand how to structure out an effective analysis essay. But throughout the school year, I have been able to take my AE’s to EE’s, working out some of the most creative and appropriate literary analysis essays I have. I believe that a body of work over a long period of time allows not just the reader to understand what’s going on better but it gives the writer a chance to breathe and come back to whatever it is they were working on with a fresh pair of eyes. For example, I would receive my FRQ’s throughout the year and then ask for peer feedback. After getting that feedback written out, I would put it away and come back to it in a couple of weeks time, ready to rewrite it. By doing that I was allowing myself the time and space to fully develop whatever idea I was pushing myself too much to write. Another example, of long-form learning, would be the way the class is structured. Had the class been different every unit we would’ve been confused, however all year long we’ve been practicing MC questions and FRQ responses. Because we did it all throughout the year it allowed us the time to not only properly study and lock it into our brains but it also gives us the time to practice for the upcoming AP providing us with a space to make mistakes and learn from them. Because we practice these AP EXAM materials throughout the year in little bites we’re able to easier connect to the material and get it in our sub-conscience minds. AP LIT has not only helped me grow, but it helped me cultivate a better longterm solution to studying a huge amount of information.



Liam Carvey


AP Lit Final Reflection


What I’m most proud of this year in AP LIT was my dedication to improvement. My first semester I wrote about the challenge that was poised when tackling the different LIT Questions. Whether it was structure, word choice, or diving into the deeper analysis of the pieces that I was given, I consistently struggled with organizing my thoughts in a way that was concise and effective. As evidence from my APL:U1: AP Q1 paper or my APL: U3 Hamlet Q2 my first drafts struggled to meet expectation, I didn’t understand how to effectively analyze and my sentence structure was weak. But throughout the course of this year, I have found myself able to improve these AP FRQ question grades significantly even scoring as high as an 8 on my latest APL: Q3. I went in after school for help regarding structuring my essays and eventually through extensive peer feedback I was able to take my peer’s constructive criticism and turn my papers from sub-par to great.  I feel that the class has given me great moments to shine creatively but it has also prepared me for the future in a way that’s pretty realistic. For example, most of my semester 2 career was centered and focused around preparing for the AP exam; meaning I had to get better at tackling these FRQ questions. Because most of semester 2 was centered around FRQ’s I was able to effectively get the appropriate amount of exposure to analysis based writing, I also learned that I quite like analysis based writing. I enjoy picking out the authors intent and reviewing how effectively they have done that.


Another habit that I improved upon was my reading habits. In all honesty, in previous English classes, I wouldn’t take the time to properly read through books that were assigned but pretty early on I realized that in AP LIT not reading the books was not an option. That’s why when it came to my U4 Novel Lecture for the book “Never Let Me Go” I did really really well. I analyzed the text and searched for the authors deeper subtext,  pulling from the book along with other outside movies and media that I could connect my book too. I’ve always excelled at public speaking, therefore when it came time to present I was ready to talk thoroughly about the thematic elements about my book. Although I had a slow start I have slowly been trying to be able to improve upon the writing styles that I’ve always struggled with. I’m not quite where I want to be yet, but I feel my experience from semester one and two has set me up for success in the future. AP lit has shown me the difference between strong papers and weaker ones and its given me the experience needed to properly replicate those same effective uses of analysis.


If I could go back and change anything, it would be to review my SC’s earlier. I felt like towards the end I was frantically trying to play catch up with the missing SC’s that I had, and had I checked more frequently I think that I would’ve been able to relax more in my second semester. I would also go back and refer to Mrs.Brayko directly when having questions for at home papers like the U5: Style Paper. I felt like I was not certain what I was going to write about and I struggled to figure out how to get started. Had I gone straight to Mrs.Brayko I would’ve been able to get help and understand what exactly she is looking for when reading the pictures. Rather than going to friends, If I could I would go straight to the teacher.


All in all, I feel that my AP LIT journey is one of improvement and over the course of this year alone I feel that not only have my ME’s turned into EE’s but my writing structure and literary analysis skills have been sharpened to the point where I would feel comfortable in a college-level literature class discussion.


This was the best FRQ that I have done. I was really proud of the topic I chose to write about and how I used Romeo and Juliet as my theme for love being greater than fear, which I felt was a creative take on the questions original intention.