Write a blog post on your hkis wordpress site reflecting on the first four lessons of the unit and on your classmates’ presentations. What did you learn about identity, stereotypes, prejudice, and racism? In what ways did your ideas change from the initial lesson when we created word webs on the white boards?

  1. How does race shape the way we see ourselves and others?

Race is a very important thing and could definitely affect the way we see ourselves and others. In the lessons that were taught in class, I learnt about race would make people act differently in different situations but after hearing about my classmates stories, I have really understood how important race is to one person. For example, I remember Samiya’s presentation was about going through the immigration and the person looked at her questioning if she is really American because she does not look American. This definitely shapes the way Samiya sees herself.

  1. To what extent do our ideas about race influence the choices we make?

Through my classmates presentation, I have heard many stories about people being judged by their race and how they have acted upon it. For my presentation, it was about my uncle who was from mainland China and people were judging him because he was from mainland China. This influenced how he acts now because when he goes out to the streets, he is afraid people will judge him and isolate him so he would chose to rather not go out to the streets.

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