ART & DESIGN: Unit 5 Graffiti Final Reflection

Unit 5: Printmaking and Graffiti

1) Choose one work by Banksy from the link and upload a photo of the work to your site. You may look for your own Banksy work:



2) Complete a critical analysis about the selected work in your art portfolio under Unit 5: Printmaking and Graffiti.  Respond in brief paragraph form as you move from one step to another in the steps of critical analysis:


(What does this art remind me of? What are some questions I have about this art?)

This art reminds me of World War 2 or any other wars because there are some soldiers in the painting. It also reminds me of peace because of the symbol. Some questions I have about this art is war and peace. It is very strange how Banksy compared war and peace because they are 2 different things.


(What do I see? What is the medium? What is the subject matter?)

I see a red peace sign that is painted by soldiers who are carrying guns. The medium in this painting is wall and is made up of red and black spray paint. The subject matter is a peace symbol and 2 soldiers beside it, one is painting it.


(What is unique about the work? How does this compare to other Banksy works?)

For me, this work is very unique because it directly relates to the world now, and is also very easy to understand. There is a lot of violence in the world right now but the world also wants peace. Sometimes, many people want peace but the same people are creating war at the same time.


(When and where was this artwork produced? What is the artist trying to say about society or culture?)

I am not sure when or where Banksy painted this artwork but in a website, it said that it was displayed in a gallery in London in 2007. Banksy is making a relationship between 2 opposite things: peace and war. I interpreted the painting the ones of wants peace are the ones who are creating war.


(Do you think that this artwork is successful? Why or why not? What is worth remembering about this artwork? How has your first reaction about this artwork changed?)

I think this artwork is hugely successful because it really shows the society now and represents the world. This artwork is worth remembering because it tells me a lot about the modern day world. My first reaction was not as deep as my interpretation now because I was very shallow in the meaning of this artwork in the beginning.


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