Final Project Progress Report 1

  1. Screenshots.

So basically I finished my Pecha Kucha and started my project.

Here are some screenshots:

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 5.23.36 PM

  1. Describe briefly what I’ve done

I basically created a game board and made a few functions. I just started and it needs A LOT more work. In detail, basically I used 5 functions to create the 5 figures on the game board. And use 5 more functions to create the computer 5 figures on the game board (this was part of my prototype in the Pecha Kucha). It took me a long time to figure out how to get the figures to show up on the game board. At last, I found out that I should use board [row][column], which allows me to input things into the bracket so the user can see the board after each turn during the gameplay. So far, everything is going according to my plan and my this first prototype, the one I mentioned in my Pecha Kucha, is already 30% done.

  1. Other resources you came across in this learning process (e.g. a post from a discussion forum, an advice from your friends/classmates).

I reviewed the lessons on codecademy and used some YouTube videos.

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