Standard 3: Analyse (Research)

  1. 1. Upload a photo of your storyboard sketch & pieces you have cut out for your storyboard shadow box.
    Photo on 15-10-14 at 9.35 AM
    2. Give a brief explanation for where you are in the design of your shadow box scene.
    For the shadow box scene, I have made all of the pieces already. The only activities I have left to do is to put the holes in the cardboard box and glue them onto the box surface.
    3. How do you feel your are progressing so far? What are some challenges/successes s

    o far?
    I feel that I am progressing well in the project so far. I am at the stage that I am supposed to be in. The challenges that I am facing are trying to cut out the body because the pieces are very small. I am doing well at layering the ocean because the different layers can show the light coming through.

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