Greek/Chinese Pottery

Upload a photo of your final pot after it is fired.  

Photo on 5-12-14 at 9.18 AM #4 Photo on 5-12-14 at 9.18 AM #3

1)What was the starting point for this sculpture? How did the research on Greek/Chinese pottery designs help?

The starting point for this sculpture was taking a look at Chinese pottery, then choosing one that we wanted to make a similar one of. I did not choose a Chinese pottery, but a Greek one instead. Then, I drew a design on paper and cut it out so that the negative space would be shown. This let me see how tall and the shape that I want it to be. The research on the pottery designs definetely helped because I got a good start on what I wanted to make and how.

Photo on 5-12-14 at 9.20 AM Photo on 5-12-14 at 9.20 AM #3

2)How is your pot a personal expression of your ideas and experiences? (Ex. how much of your pot was your own idea?

My pot was mostly my own idea because my original plan (which was a carbon copy of the Greek pots) did not end up being anything like my current pot. I didn’t end up putting handles, or a raised lip. I made up my ideas as I went along, and thought it turned out well. This was also one of my favorite parts of the project. The fact that it was all free choice made it a lot more interesting to see what people’s pots ended up like. It also allowed us to be more creative.

3)  Is pottery a relevant form of art today? Agree or disagree and please explain why.

I personally do not think that pottery is a very relevant form of art today. This is because there are so many new types of art that are becoming more popular such as abstract paintings, sculptures, and more “unuseful art”. By this, I mean serve no other purpose than being displayed, while pottery could be used for storage, serving, and more. However, I do think that when it comes to ancient art, pottery is still quite popular.

imgres-2 abstract sculpture (38)

4)  How is your pot an interpretation OR imitation of Greek/Chinese potter?

My pot is an interpretation because I looked at Greek pots for inspiration, but ended up changing the idea completely. Instead of having a typical greek pot with handles, mine ended up to not have handles and not include more defined “shoulders” or “lips”. If I were to stick with my orignal design, it would definetely be an imitation of Greek potters. I personally like to make mine more unique and different compared to being too similar to other artists. When I make my work my own, I feel as if I can take more credit of it.




Photo on 5-12-14 at 9.18 AM #3

5)What would you do to make your work different?

I would make my work different by adding feet at the bottom. My pot doens’t exactly need feet, yet, it would look better I think if it were to be slightly lifted off the surface of the table. Other than that, I do like my work because it looks very unique to me. I also like how it is not perfectly smooth because the effect is that it looks more vintage and I like that. For this reason, I probably would not change much about my pot.

Photo on 5-12-14 at 9.19 AM

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