Government Unit

How do you feel you did on the Government Unit? Remember this includes the PSA as well as the tests. 

I feel that I did pretty well overall on the Government Unit. I definitely grasped the concepts of how the US government works, the amendments, and debates about them. During the PSA, I went in detail learning about the gun control laws in the US, and later learned how it connected with the 2nd amendment. I especially enjoyed learning about the court cases and real life scenarios. I also liked the fact that we are learning about something that is in effect right now, not what has happened a while ago.

What would you do differently next time?

Next time, I would spend more time learning about the amendments and the debates that people have over them. I would study more cases that relate to what we did on the chapter 10 summative.

What study strategies worked best for you? 

The study strategies that worked best for me were reading the chapter earlier while taking notes, then create flashcards, then make sample questions for the test.

What strategies didn’t work?

The strategies that definitely didn’t work for me were cramming it all in two days. I did fine on the assesment, however, when I started studying for the big test, I realized I didn’t remember certain parts.

Next time there is a test, how will you prepare? 

Next time there is a test, I’ll remember to use the 5-day study plan and learn ahead of time. This way, I’ll have plenty of time to review the information to remember.




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